Thanks Audiogon !

Recently Audiogon experienced technical difficulties which I am sure frustrated everyone. I had placed an ad just before all this happened and pretty much lost a weekend of viewers as I like to place my ads on Friday. In response,  Audiogon extended my ad for 2 weeks and gave me a coupon for a free listing which I think was more than generous.
 Audiogon did an awesome thing.
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Agreed with OP and Tvad -- but would note that Agon apologized as well. Apology plus compensation doesn't change the past, but seems to be a pretty good faith effort.
I agree it was a very nice gesture on Audiogon part.
What luck do you think you would have had with eBay in same situation?

Keep up the good work admin, we understand that stuff happens and we know full well you sure did not plan to kill the site for a couple days!
Thanks Tammy for a very quick response (minutes) to my service ticket regarding Audiogon issues.  
...and sometimes Patience and Faith does get rewarded. *S*👍

I’ll just thank Tammy and all AG for making it all ’do what it do’ well, yet again.🌹👏

Best, J
Agreed,  very nice of them.
Was the extension and coupon automatic, or did you need to request it? I have an add running too.
Thanks for sharing this positive note
doesn’t change the past, but seems to be a pretty good faith effort.
If you can change the past run, don’t walk to the patent office.
Otherwise what it "doesn’t change" don’t git it.
Pleasant post, thanx OP.
@gammajo they sent me an apologetic email and a coupon for a free ad. I did not have to contact them.
nice to see a-gon practicing some good business sense

most regular folks buy and sell over at the other site these days already