Thanks All, Turntable Problem Fixed

Tbromgard and the rest of you guys that responded, it was the phono switch on the back. The sound is now much more relaxed and smooth. I was turning the volume to approaching 12 o'clock without distortion so all is great. Does anyone have opinions on these 180 gram audiophile albums being made? I would like to pick up a few of my favorites if they are that good. Thanks again guys.
Good deal. Opinions on the 180 gram remasters are mixed. Remastering and pressing quality varies dramatically.
I have generally had good luck on true remasters from Classic and analog productions. Check to see if they are just putting the album out in 180g or are they actually using the original tapes. Some of the 180g stuff is being remastered from CDs or digital copies. there is a post here on that very issue.
Cool, glad it sounds better. Its a common issue.

I like the originals if possible but many are rare and high priced at least for mint copies) so I have purchased a lot of reissues on 180 gram. There are mixed reviews from some on the quality and/or mixing of the reissues-some are definately better than others-but at least they are available. Try a few and see what you think.
I'm looking at a couple right now by one of my favorite bands, Golden Earring. I'll try to find out if they are from the original analog masters. If any of you know I'm listening. Thanks again for the help. I know it seems bone headed but it truly has been that long since I've had a TT.
How do you like your set-up? Did you buy any vinyl?
I had a handful left and have purchased some used vinyl over the last few days. I am enjoying it, missed that relaxed and warm sound.