Thanks again to Cary Audio

I just had my Cary SLP98P preamp repaired @ Cary Audio. A minor $5.00 part went out. I was kept informed each step of the way, made aware of the upgrades available, but never pushed into spending any more than I had to. The preamp is as good as it was new, and shipped back to me packed even better than I shipped it. The unit was kept an extra day or two just to make sure everything was running as if it was just assembled. FINALLY, back to listening to an all tube system. Thanks again to Steve, Marianne, Gene, and everyone else @ Cary for your help and honest expertise advise. Keep making those wonderful sounding products. Excellent customer servise.
Nice to hear a customer giving credit for a job well done.
Sorry about my spelling. I don't really like saying negative things even if a company has wronged me, unless I feel that they can wrong someone that can't afford to undo the damages. Cary also fixed a cold solder joint in my CAD 120's amp after it was technically beyond its waranty. Not many companies will do that. I was going to upgrade to the Mark II but I was told that since my SLP98P preamp already had enough gain in it that it would not be money well spent, so while they had the amp there, I had them replace the caps with Cardas, and it did make a difference in sound. I'm thankful for their honesty and love the way their products sound. They've even helped me try to troubleshoot problems before sending anything in. Very good customer serviCe.
Thanks! for sharing. It is of the utmost importance to inform the rest of us about positive & negative experiences out there.
I am not impressed as I have experienced better...
Czbbcl, such as? I'm just happy to pass on a couple of good experiences in customer service, and a company that makes very good products. I wasn't trying to impress you or anyone else. Just looking out for fellow agoners. I also do the same for anyone that buys from me. Please share your experiences with us, bad, good, or indifferent.
I meant I am not impressed with Cary's service as I have had a disappointing experience. I am glad yours went well and yes they do make great sounding products. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I had a 98P a long time ago. And though I didn't keep it, Cary Audio's customer service was first rate.

I have Cary WE300B SE monoblocks and SLP98 for many years and they have been outstanding in my avantgarde horn based system. I have had my Cary monoblocks serviced twice. Everytime the service was outstanding and the amps came back sounding glorious. (The amp failures: maintenance servicing, and the other was due to a CD player failure sending a terrible signal through the entire system)

I have nothing but great things to say about the products and Cary support. Aces for me.