Thank You Souchy

Only the few will know what I mean. Thank You!!!!!
Radrog, I don't know whether you have one particular golden component in mind ;-) or are referring to the work Peter (and his sons Patrick and Robert meanwhile) have been doing in general. Either way, I couldn't agree more! If analog has risen from the (almost) ashes then it is due to a handful of people such as Peter Suchy who kept flying above the radar, creating products for every size of wallet on a relatively large scale, unperturbed by the digital blindness celebrated in the media and elsewhere. And then, with analog back on track it became fashionable to snub Clearaudio in some quarters (if I am not using Clearaudio gear myself, it is because an otherwise knowledgeable and trustworthy dealer qualified everything they made as c***, I know better now) whereas they should have been applauded.
So, I'll take the opportunity and chime in: three cheers for the Suchys.
Goldfinger v.2-D
I have learned one thing about dealers. They are there to make money. Ever hear "GOT CABLES".
I agree, although the ca sound is not for everyone and the exchange rate makes a lot of their stuff to pricey in the US. That said, after trying many of the top cartridges on the market and several through the line of ca (including insider)I will be staying with my stradivari until it wears out with no temptation to "upgrade".
Yes Indeed Mr Souchy. I, too, am extremely happy owner of the Clearaudio Master Ref/Master TQ1/Everest/Insider Ref Wood set up, that plays like real music, completely contrary to what is said to be CA sound. I, too amd tempted to ADD ( not upgrade) the Goldfinger, while still keeping the insider.