Thank you, marketeers of AV equipment

Choosing a piece of hifi equipment is a vast challenge.

it doesn’t help that product and spec descriptions are often poorly written and not helpful.  It is a shame because some items are quite good and the designers have been poorly served by those who draft less than helpful sales materials.

So we reach out to dealers to help out and holding their hands through the process can be helpful.  Although gaining comfort about a purchase is still challenging, so we turn to you tube and written reviews, some are helpful.

by the time we spend thousands of dollars we have learned a lot, yet there is so much more to learn.  

Although there is so much more to learn, it gets back to materials prepared by sellers that are simply awful and have trouble focusing in on important aspects for their products, many of which are quite good.

Again, thank you marketers for offering clear and helpful documents that limit use of technical terms without clarification.  Thank you for having awareness that most of us probably do not fully understand the technical strengths of your products, and providing clearly understandable descriptions of value that aid making a decision.

What are you saying? Very confusing.
No idea.
An encomium to clear writing should itself be clear.
I think the intent is clear enough here.  A childhood friend of mine now makes his living writing manuals for various tech companies.  He lives in Israel so there is some translation work involved as well.
He says that most tech manuals or a torture test for the unfortunate end user, and he makes a nice living just trying produce something that the user finds useful.
  There are two categories of AV equipment that can be challenging.
the first are AVRs.  Anyone that has set one up and been required to plow through a 60 page manual with many submenus will have an appreciation for that.  Frequently the manuals have been suboptimally translated from Japanese or Korea. I find it doable but wouldn’t describe it as plug and play.
  The second category are streamers.  Having tried several, as well as using computers as streamers, getting the various players and server and internet issues to mesh can also be a frustration.