Thank You Audiogon.

Couple of month ago I visited a High End Stereo Shop in Seattle, looking for a Audio System. My intention was to find a system for around $5000, I was told $5000 would buy me a single component, rather than a system.
Friend recommended I check out the used equipment on Audiogon.
In the last two months I was able to put together a system with the following:
Soliloquy 5.3 speakers, VAC Vintage pre-amp and Vintage mono block amplifiers, Linn LP12, Itok II w/K9 cartridge turn table, EAD 8000 MKIII DAC, EAD T1000 transport, MIT Tube speaker cables and interconnects. All for less than the $5000.
Couldn't do it without Audiogon or the great sellers on Audiogon, thanks you.
Man, you did some major research, and bargain hunting. Must have been fun, and obviously rewarding. Good job. Enjoy!
Additional KUDOS to Audiogon for offering all of us this outstanding service. I too have enjoyed many high end pieces of equipment that would ordinarily have been out of reach for me, and look forward to enjoying music with much more trading in the future. Keep up the good work!!
Paulg805, OK, I HAVE to know what Seattle audio store you walked into where you were told that $5,000 would get you only a single component rather than an entire system. (We can take this "off line" if you want.)

I can make a guess as to what shop that was. (I live in Seattle.) If you ask me to make my guess before you tell us your answer, I will.

I could have recommended a store in Seattle that would have set you up in a musically enjoyable system for your $5,000 if you did not want to go to the trouble of researching and wheel-n'-n-dealin' on A-goN.

No matter the retail store, used gear is always cheaper; so, my recommended store could never have competed on the price/value scale. It's just that most folks, who are beginning their audio journey, make pretty costly mistakes if they try to assemble a system on their own from the used market. That's where a knowledgeable, honest dealer can come in and can get you started.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a dealer, do not have any financial interest in a dealership, and do not care which dealer any one chooses to patronize. Spending money on audio gear is entirely the spender's prerogative.

You seemed to have avoided some pitfalls that many would have stumbled into. You obviously knew quite a bit about Audio before you searched A-goN.
Wow, great job! Just out of curiosity, did you get your gear through the classifieds, via auction or both? Lately, I've been focusing mostly on the classifieds but I was wondering if it was just me. Thanks.
Congratulations Paulg805 , your system sounds like it would be musically enjoyable, attractive to the eye and affordable enough to make the music sound just a little sweeter.

I am sincerely happy for you, and certain the Audiogon staff appreciates your compliment.
Great 5K system Paulg805!! I have to agree, I don't know what I'd do without Audiogon, I managed to assemble a 20K system, wires and all, for 7K and change. Much thanks to providing an outstanding forum for audio experimentation and camraderie.
Sounds like your just getting warmed up. In another year you can tell us how you upgraded everything here at audiogon for a mere 20K :^)
Great story, and welcome to the cheapest merry-go-round in town. Sounds like your friend is in line for a steak dinner (and bring that salesman a doggy bag for the part he played)! Viva Audiogon!!
Good Job! Personally, I do not like going into audio stores. See my other posts on this subject.

I agree with Tok20000,I stop going to audio stores,If i need something I first look for it used on Audiogon,then other web sites.The last thing I brought new was my Teres Table and that was from the factory.
Yes, very good job. Will really give you a good platform if you ever want to try other things too - nice stable, balanced system. Very happy for you. You might want to venture into some NOS tubes for your preamp if you haven't already. Pretty big performance jump for the money if you shop around and put in a little time to educate yourself, and evidently you are good at that. And, of course, getting some avice so you don't make the misteps that some of the other of us did, and saving money, is what this is all about on audiogon. Good luck!
Congrats on your findings. I always look up A-gon for advise,deals,and anything else this fine site has to offer. Best of luck and good listening.
Well Paul, for 5k you've done yourself very well. As a matter of fact it is hard to believe you put together such a nice system for that expenditure.

Congratulations and happy listening!