thank you all i already feel the suppot.

thank you so much for the advices, you all. many of you told me to decide what music i would be listening to the most. i'm a classical musician and naturally, i listen to a lot of classical music. i of course listen to other genres of music(rock, trance, jazz, etc.) however, classical music is the essetial part of my listening hours. any suggestions for the components that produces quality sound(warmth, big sound stage, and dynamic) for the classical music? suggestions will be greatly appriciated. thank you.
What is your budget Dave? I think your question would be easier to answer with that info.
Budget is required to give proper advice
Dave, search for "KEF" on this website and you'll come up with several versions of KEF's fullrange speakers, notably the 104.2 or the more current Reference series (Reference 2 for example). Each of these will deliver orchestral music to your heart's content and are easy enough to drive for a very wide range of amplifiers. Years ago I owned KEF 107.2 speakers and they were the epitome of the sound you describe. I don't think you could go wrong auditioning the fullrange KEF speakers. Keep in mind speakers are a personal choice predicated on many variables, including budget, room size, personal aesthetics--not to mention sound. You might be surprised by the number of valid answers to your query. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me directly.
my budget is $1000 for speakers, $1000 for pow.amp, and $1000 for pre-amp. $500 or so cd player. any advices?
Yes. Go out and compare $1000 speakers and $2000 speakers. Then compare $500 amps and preamps to $1000 amps and preamps. If you think the extra money spent on electronics makes a bigger difference, then stick you your current ratio. If not, consider upping your speaker budget. But don't lock yourself into a budget before you've done a lot of listening.
Dave: My suggestion here is to rethink the distribution of your budget a bit. For example, you could buy a used Adcom GFP-750 preamp (rated "Class A" by Stereophile mag) for about $750 on Audigon, and get an amp that would pair well with it for about the same amount of money (maybe an Adcom 5500, or a Rotel with similar power). That would give you another $500 -- about $1500 total) to spend on speakers. In my opinion, there aren't very many dynamic, warm, full-range speakers under $1500 (used). I listen to a lot of classical/symphonic music, and have owned a variety of speakers over the past 30+ years. If I were to recommend only one speaker that might fit your needs, it would be the Vandersteen 3A. You find them for sale (used) on Audiogon every so often, usually priced around $1750.
3500.00 to spend.
A Myryad MC100 0r Musical Fidelity a3cd Cd Player.800/1000
A Rogue 88 and 66 Tube amp and pre.1700 used.there is a pair on the site you can probably get for 1600.A pair of Coincident Triumph for 500/700.Put the rest into cables.Try The cable Company spend tell them what you have and tell them you have 300/400 to spend.You get a 30 trial on the cable.Sit back and listen.You will be pleased.
In addition to all of the great suggestions you will get from the members here you should find a local High-end dealer that you can work with. Since you state that you are a classical musician I will make the assumption that you are in or near a large city. A quick perusal of the yellow pages will reveal these dealers. Be honest with them, tell them how much you have to spend and tell them what you want then allow them to show you what they have. Listen to their demos and ask questions. Look over their used equipment, if something is of interest to you ask the dealer. The good dealers will take their time to help you, they will not rush you and they will not attempt to force you into a buying decision. They also will not insult or belittle you. If you need help finding a good dealer in a particular city or if you think you have found a good one and desire a second opinion ask the Audiogon members. Good Luck, Doug