TG cables natural sounding or not?

I was able to listened to TG audios cable, interconnect
HSR High purity unshielded rca $800, HSR speaker cables
$990.00.My friend And I thought that the cable do sound
very good,He did like them, but they are not within
his budget.There is one that He noticed, He told me there
is too much ambience,which according to Him its kind
a unnatural,I asked the dealer, He told me that, thats
huge soundstage characterstics of the cable,by the way
this dealer is well respected,and very nice.I need an input
here at Agon who have them, and heard them, including
the cheaper models.Honestly, I did not expect anything
on this cables,but they surprise me.
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well, if the High purity has to much hall information, then maybe check out the Gen2 HSR Ic's ($400 version). I'm told the Gen2 HSR has less hall info, and is less detailed than the High Purity, but the same harmonic and sonic presentation. Esp. if the High Purity is out of your budget, then the Gen2 is where its at. Same organic, musical family sound. I would check these out. Hell, its what I am using (after some serious cable listening/auditions/ownerships of various brands/models).

on a side note (g# maybe?), the cables only pass on whats there on the recording via the sources and components/speakers used. So the system components used in your audition of the cables is what you were REALLY hearing - the Tg Audio just lets it all through. They might not have that kind of illuminated "hall info" in your system (or your friends for that matter) based on your systems component make up. Hell, your room might not sound the same either........
First time anyone has complained about too much information using my cables......

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders
Careful what you ask might get it!
Rcrump,maybe my friend is wrong, One of the reason
I am asking is to ask expert here like you,and
Agoners who have heard them,is to comfirm what I ve heard ,But no intention to offend anybody,especially TG cableowners and you.I need more information.Because I myself Iam happy that thereare more cable choices.Thats all.
Bob makes good stuff. One of the earlier cable pioneers.
Jayctoy, I learned about twenty years ago that you are never going to please everyone so I don't try! I build the wires to please myself and if others like them that is cool, but it isn't necessary as long as I am happy with them.....No offense taken whatsoever.....
I would like to try the TG audio stuff. Anybody recommend a good dealer??


Hi Jacytoy,

I agree with Monk...the TG Audio cables do excel in passing through details from the recording. It can be actual hall sound, the sound of the studio, or artificial digital reverb. Whatever it may be...they pass it along...they don't create it. If part of the spectrum seems too present, it is likely the fault of the components, speakers, speaker placement, or the recording.

I have tried some interconnects in the past that seemed more detailed at first, but before long I realized it was just due to an unnatural boost in the top end (plenty of annoying sibilance).

I love the TG audio speaker wire. Bob's cables are silver, so they do have the characteristics of silver cables...minus the brightness, harshness, etc. that people often dislike about silver. I am using mine with Merlin VSM-M speakers (with Dynaudio esotar tweeters). If they were overly bright, I'd definitely know it. I actually found them to be the smoothest wire I tried. Copper cables do tend to have a beefier, warmer low end and midrange when you compare them to silver (although they can also have a grainier, less defined top end). Th TG audio cables are faster, clearer, more detailed, more musical, and strike me as more balanced and neutral. In my system, I have preferred Bob's cables to the various Cardas cables I've tried (including the Golden Cross), the very good, bargain-priced Luminous Renaissance, and the great Audience AU24. Yes, I did love the sound of lower instruments, like drums, on the copper Audience cables (and I liked most everything else about them too), but I found myself preferring the overall musicality, clarity, pacing, balance, and increased resolution of the TG Audio wire. They have done the best job of making me forget the equipment and focus on the music and performances. With the TG Audio wire I get more of a feeling of being "there" ("there" being a concert hall, jazz club, pro recording studio, or some guy's basement project studio). Like all things audio, that is all based on my preference of what I think things should sound like. It may not agree with yours.

I did try the high purity interconnects for a day or so, but they and my speaker cable were backwards at the time, so I can't comment. I need to try them again now that I know what "load" means. :-) I am currently using Luminous Synchestra Reference copper interconnects and loving the combination with the TG speaker wire.
Phild,thank you for the information,your post quite
gave me the information, Iam looking for,comparison
with Audience and Cardas is a big help,because I
am very familiar with them,Maybe I should mention
my system,,speaker Andra Eggleston, Oddyssey stratos
extreme,Sony 9000es signature mod with tube output,
vol control,this is a fully modded cdp,ps 300 power
plant,VD nite power cord on cd,CPC on amps model 11,
ultimate power outlet,The andra are extremely revealing,
and the Oddyssey are neutral, this system will exactly
tell you anything that you connect to it.You mention about
the synchestra, I will try to audition their ic.
You seem happy with them.
Chuck,there is a new dealer in Houston for TG Audio. Look under username Rhyno. He currently has an ad in Audiogon promoting the TG Audio cables.For more input on Bob Crump's cables do a search in the Cable Asylum in the website: Jayctoy, I also have an Odyssey Stratos Extreme and Tempest preamp. I tried a Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature ic between them and didn't care for the sound. I'm currently using an AZ Matrix Ref.II with good results, but recently ordered a Von Gaylord Legend VI ic to try out there. I also have a Sony 9000ES( unmodified) and I'm having good results wih a MAS Black there to preamp. I'm going to try an AZ Silver Ref II there in a couple of days.I have an Elrod Sig 3 power cord on the amp and a Harmonix Studio Master on the pre. I've ordered a set of Ensemble Megaflux FSF speaker cables to run into my Meadowlark Osprey speakers. I've tried AZ Satori, Stealth Premier,Synergistic Sig 2,Audience,and Magnan Sigs on my Osprey and hopefully soon I'll have the cables fine-tuned to sound best to my ears.Jayctoy, I have tried a slew of power cords on the Sony Cdp and the best one I have found and am currently using is the Sonoran Plateau. You might consider trying the new Sonoran Plateau ic from your pre to amp. If you like it, let me know. I might want to give one a try. The Sonoran website is Contact username TWL for more info. Best regards and I hope everyone has a Happy and prosperous New Year.
As of now I am using Satori AZ sp cable,and HT Silway
in the place of TG Audio cable, just to prove,that
ambient we notice is not from the TG audio cables.
This are the cds I played during the audition of TG
cables,Cantate Domino SACD,Allyson Krauss New Found
Favorite,and Fallen Angels mapleshade,After playing
them again with Satori and HT pro silway ,the ambience
is still there,but the huge soundstage is gone.I therefore
conclude that the TG are natural sounding cable with hugee..
sounstage,By the way the TG audio woke up my Andra,
this is the thing I miss most, and Bob is right my
speakers were MIA( disappear).This cable they will be
on my list. My friend and I are both wrong on our
first eval regarding the ambience issue. Thank you BOb
for the explanation.
A significant difference between Alison Krauss New Favorite and Alison Krauss + Union Station Live CDs is venue information, as I have both...the Live CD is well done and you hear the hall and the crowd quite clearly, giving the feeling you are there...mastered by Doug Sax. Hearing it on a high resolution system with low noise, good dynamics and extended frequency response can be a very uplifting experience... Electronics and cabling that communicate information, rhythm and pace without being bright while being musical is tough to do, but you find out what is right and can't live without it...

I'm the dealer who loaned the cables and amplifiers to Jayctoy, and appreciate Phild's helpful contribution as he has a discerning ear and is one of my satisfied customers.

Brian Walsh
Brian, You are exactly right.
Anyone used TG Audio power cords with Audio Logic, First Sound, or VTL products with success?
I have TG power cords that are from 94 or 95 a older model on My VTL 125 mono blocks and like them very much . I also use Apex power cords on My VTL's and change back and forth to suit My mood. I think the TG cords will work great on the VTL amps just My 2 cents.I did have a chance to meet Bob in Chicago at a long gone audio store I worked at called Dr B's a very nice person.