TG audio Speaker cables and IC's

I have Bryston amp and preamp, a Dodson DAC, and ACI jaguar LFM speakers. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on TG Audio speaker cables and IC's with this type of gear. I am already using TG audio SLVR PC's

I owned a Bryston amp and preamp and found silver wire from any
manufacturer to be too bright, and I tried several. Have you tried any
silver wire?

If I were to do it all over again with the Bryston gear, I'd use all
copper...Cardas Golden Cross, Au24, HT Truthlink are all wire worth

P.S. I checked your system and see you use Au24. What is it about the
Au24 you don't like? I'd imagine it might be ideal, but by all means try
some silver if you have the itch!

TG HSR is totally atypical silver wire, in that it's not intrinsically bright or tipped-up at all. I use it with tube amps, a tube pre and Total Victory speakers, but it sounds exactly like the manufacturer, Bob Crump, described it to me. He uses it in a very different system of high end solid-state gear - Parasound Halo JC-1 amps and a Blowtorch preamp.

I prefer it to a bunch of other top contenders I've tried in the last couple of years. Many others have tried it in all kinds of systems, and I don't recall anyone saying it didn't work out. If the SLVR PCs work in your system, the HSR should work too.
My e-stats with a SS amp are usually very intolerant of silver wire - but love the TG IC's.
Actually, I am looking to replace my DH labs speaker cable and am considering the TG Audio wire. I am not sure I would change the audience IC's as I like them
In three different systems, even the moderately priced Signal Cable speaker cables I tried far outperformed the
Q-10's, making them sound veiled and slow by comparison. In my system, the Signal were even quicker, and more engaging than a pair of $550 Zu Cable Wax that I auditioned for a couple of weeks. YMMV, though I have no doubt that your system will benefit from experimenting with other speaker cables.
Take your Audience IC's, and add better bass, a more fleshed out yet tighter lower mid, with more impact, a more "see around" palpable player as oppossed to "see through" card-board like player in the stage - and you have Tg Audio's sound. IC, high purity, SLVR, Speaker, cones,....

Tg Audio is generally considered a little warmer than the Au24, with better bass. Check out Bob Niell's review on Positive archives. Right on imho. The only thing Bob doesn't go into is how Tg Audio soundstages better - esp in the bass. I'm almost certain Tg Audio wires would make you happy, but then there is no accounting for ones taste (we're all a little different).
Other ICs to consider that provide superior sound stage and an open window into the music include the Empress ICs and Pursang ICs from Argent Audio and Poiema from Ridge Street Audio. All excellent cables.

I've recently compared all the above to the Audience AU24 and the TG cables and for my system came to the following conclusions.

- The Empress cables are far more open, revealing and have a larger soundstage and are a true bargain at $350.

- The somewhat more expensive Pursangs add a whole additional dimension to the music. They list for $1k a pair but call Ric and he's a softie and occasionally offers better pricing.

Currently I'm using a pair each of Empress and Pursangs in my system. Highly recommended.
I prefer the TG Audio IC's and speaker cable over any other product in this price range and much higher price ranges. It is very natural, extended with out brightness, good bass, etc. but it's true claim to fame is sound staging and focus. In these area's it is super.
I have a set of TG Audio speaker cables coming from Biran Walsh at Essential audio to audition. I'll let you know my impressions