TG Audio cables - Opinions?

Am wondering if anyone has or has tried TG Audio speaker cables and what you think of 'em. I'm trying to find out where they are sold, haven't had a response from manufacturer yet.
I know that Brian of Essential Audio and the guys at the Tweak Shop sell Bob's line of TG Audio products. Don't know if either of them will be available during CES though. Hope this helps... Sean
I use Bob's speaker cables and I love them. In my system they have a marvellously full, rich tonality, tons of detail, the most natural presentation I've heard, and extremely solid and dense imaging. I use his interconnects as well, which have the same character.

I've compared them to Coincident TRS, AZ Satori, Magnan Signature, Argent Audio Pursang and Pursang S. In my system it's no contest.
also give "ryhno" a email, a fellow A'gon member. He is a Tg Audio dealer now. Also Bob Neill via . Bob is a great guy as well to talk audio with - a real good guy. And Elliot at the Tweak Shop is A+ too. But all will probably be in Las Vegas and CES.
Thanks,guys. I've located a dealer and am probably going to do a home audition. Any other opinions or experience? I'ts just that I'd never heard of this company until a couple days ago. Was all ready to order some Cardas Golden Reference speaker wires.
Thanks for the info everyone. I am dealing with Rhyno right now about buying some speaker cables.