Text in CDs

I own an ARCAM FMJ23T CD player that displays text. Neat feature I thought when I brought the player home. But after 4 years and with a collection of over 300 CDs, I've never seen any text displayed. Until tonight - when I threw a new purchase (Mobile Fidelity recording of Yes's Fragile album) in the player. I was ecstatic! Is my experience typical? Are there very few CDs out there that have text? And two - is this all the text there is on the Yes CD - that one word? For all I know, there may be 40 pages of text hiding on the CD. LOL
If a little text makes you ecstatic, just think how you will react to a DVDA!
I played Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Time, Sex, Love" last night and the title of the album came up as well as the title of each song as it played. Most distracting thing in the world, of course I finally shut off the display.
I remember that Pearl Jam's CDs, beginning with "No Code" if I remember correctly, all had text. Artist and Title were displayed on loading, and song titles display at the beginning of each song.
Out of 2000 or so CD's in my collection, around 5% have text. A neat feature that never really caught on.

Btw, all my SACDs have text.
Hmmmmm. My estimate of CDs in my collection that have text would be more like 1 percent, if that. Now I have to run downstairs and see if my Yes CD displays the song titles too. Don't recall seeing anything other than the album title.
Not too common unless you burn your own. Most of mine with text seem to be Sonys.