I would like to get some feedback/review/recommendation from Tetra speakers owners (or former owners)... I could not really find anything in the archives. Your input will be really appreciated. Thank you!
I listened to them at a local dealership, Audio High, in the SF Bay Area. I can't remember the model, but it was their higher end pair, with the great finish. Electronics included some Chord and Conrad Johnson, if memory serves. I found that they sounded great - a very balanced, full and rich sound. Still, I didn't own a pair of enjoy them in my home, so my experience of them is quite limited.
Great speakers, I heard them at a show a few years ago. Great speakers.
I've heard 'em at CES several times. Very enjoyable speakers, well suited for long-term listening. Did not sound like boxes, and my ears did not localize them as the sound sources. Fine job by designer Adrian Butts.

I heard a pair at a fellow 'goner's house a year or 2 ago. I can't remember the model, but I think they were one of the higher end models. I thought they sounded very natural and musical, with good resolution. Overall, a very good speaker. I will see if I can look him up and ask him to post here with the model he had.
Thanks to each of you who responded to my inquiry. BTW, I just noticed that Keith Richards, while on the road all over the world for the "A Bigger Bang" tour, does have a pair of Tetra's with him...
Replying to an old thread here.

I think it was 2003 when I heard them. It was the 120U I think. Their smallest speaker. They were AMAZING. Even today I do not understand why Tetra speakers are not well known among audiophiles. I guess distribution is the answer here.
Correction: It was the 105 not 120U.