Tetra and receiver

I just purchased some Tetra 120u speakers, which are great little speakers. I'm using a HK 3080 receiver and wonder if my vintage NAD 7175 would give me better quality sound.
My room is 9x12. Thanks.
i have the same speakers and they are fantastic. I started with a NAD receiver, then upgraded to a NAD 352 integrated, then to a B&K 2220 amp with an Anthem AVM20 (see ny thread on preamp upgrade).

Wow, the speakers have kept pace with all of this, sounding better each step. I'm yet to reach the limit of these little guys. At some point I mounted these on the floor, on 4 inch thick maple blocks (like Mapleshade) that I had from another system. This actually sounded slightly better than my lead filled Sanus stands, but in the end I put them back in the stands because of the room layout.

At one point I added a sub woofer--my son in law calls this a big improvement but i think they work well enough without a sub as well. Enjoy the Tetras.