TETRA 120u

I'm very interested in feedback from anyone who uses or has used this speaker (and associated gear)-
I would need to place them on shelves and in a fairly large room though for mostly acoustic music and not real loud.
Alot of thanks in advance-
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Excellent speakers. No crossover to speak of (only a cap on the tweeter). The sound is best described as smooth and transparent. The port is on top of the speaker and makes for easy placement. The only question might be room size. They can be played loud but are designed for small to medium rooms. The amount of detail these speakers provide will shame most other similarily priced speakers. I own Tetra 306's but have many hours on the 120 U's.
Shoud work well with the type of music you describe. Visit
Tetraspeakers.com for more info.


hi adam,
It seems I am one of the few who own 120U's and posts online, since I never see any references to them.

My set of 120s sounds great (normally you would see "pair" written, but I have 3 of them in a combo audio-video set up). I've had them for about 3 months. I really enjoy listening to them. They are very detailed and neutral. When I listen to music which is more acoustic, the sound is stunning. Especially for the size of the speaker. That is not to say that they don't sound great with other types of music-they do, I was just addressing your preference. Typically I listen to modern/alternative music (Bjork, Chemical Brothers, New Order, Pulp) with some Cowboy Junkies, Bebel Giberto, and Nick Drake thrown in.

My room (living room) is unfortunately not large - about 13 x 18 ft with 8ft ceilings (8ft...sigh). The tetras easily fill the space.

The 120s are connected to a new Denon receiver (130w) and CD player with anti-cables. Also backed with a Martin Logan Abyss sub.

I hope this info helps.

BTW: I am pretty sure this is my first audiogon post ( I am feeling my way around various Audio and video sites )