Teton monitors from Wavetouch Audio - A Must Hear

In the market for a pair of monitors recently, to gain more living spaces that being taken over by the growing LPs collection and the Wilson Sophia that I have put up for sale, I start doing some audition, googleing and look around. I know it's going to be a tough task finding any speakers that could produce the sound I have used to for many years from the Sophia.

To make sure I don't make a mistake and miss out on the big names, the likes of Harbert, Tannoy, B&W, psb, sonus....I start hitting the showrooms of LA. All of them are good, decent speakers but they don't strike me as possible replacements for the giant Wilson, three times their sizes. Then I found an unknown brand advertised, kevlar, horn tweeter and exotic rosewood in all. The rosewood always got me, I contacted the owner for a listen. A copy cat of B&W it turn-out and the speakers were bought in lots for testing and experiments by Alex Yoon of Wavetouch Audio in LA. Alex then let me take a peak listen to something he was 'putting together' as he said, and fine-tuning for review at StereoTimes. I hastily agreed. We headed for the studio where he does his work, the size of a four-car garage.

There I was introduced to a pair of tiny monitors, the 'Grand Teton', I later learned, in rich, exotic Russian birchwood that one can tell of top-notch quality, carefully and meticulously put together. We spent the next two hours listen to tracks after tracks of acoustic, instrumentals and vocals music. The monitors fill the huge studio with music as if a pair of 5-foot tall floor standing were in used. Soundstage were ceiling high and 6-foot deep. Vocals were in-your-face with each instrument precisely positioned as if we had attented a jazz rehearsal in a garage. I immidiately inquired about a pair for home audition. This could be the Wilson replacement, I said to myself with reservation. May be Alex had the room treated or using special equipments. But his gear is very mediocre.

Two week past and Alex deliver the monitors for audition. The same pair but has now been finely tuned. Personally position the monitors in my living room, Alex going over some adjustments tips, give me a week to test the monitors and head back to LA. Two day of comparison between the Grand Teton and the Sophia side-by-side, guitar, piano, vocals and everything in between. I contacted Alex and convinced him to leave the sample, don't come back for it and it was purchased with proceed from the Sophia sale. The Grand Teton is now in my living room replacing the giant Wilson for 1/10 the cost, 1/10 the size and not a note missing.

Quite a task for its size. Highly recommended and a must to audiition if you can arrange for one. It will be time well spent just to listen to it.

Music Fanatic,
Irvine, CA
I have to agree with MF, I have a pair of these speakers too, they are incredible, regardless of size. I'm not going to jack the thread with my own review here but I can attest to the quality and amazing sound reproduction.

I first met Alex Yoon at T.H.E. Show this past year and there was some real competition there, so for an independent speaker builder to stand out, that's no small feat. I spent a lot of time in his room at T.H.E. Show looking and listening, IMO, he was giving the big boys a run for their money. So much so, that I have now have a pair of the Grand Teton's myself, well worth it!

If you have the chance to take a listen to any of his models, do so, you will be blown away.

Featured member hotrodguy
If anyone wants to read more about above speakers, there is buyer's review in here Audiogon Audio review section.
"Review: Wavetouch Audio Grand Teton, Piano Black Monitor"
Maybe I am jaded but it is very weird for two new members to post about a new speaker and then for the manufacturer (Mihorn)to post without disclosing their affiliation!
A very brief...brief,

At 8pm last night I arrived at the manufacturing/ auditioning facility of Wavetouch Audio in Los Angeles, CA to do some listening with Alex Yoon... I met him briefly at the 2013 Newport show and was very impressed with his small Grand Teton monitors that were playing. So much so that a short time later while comparing notes with Mike Fremer I said that he would be very impressed at the honest, expansive sound to be heard there.

Back to last night, I ended up staying until 1:30am! After having shared many great songs and tips along the way (I'm also in the audio manufacturing business; SS Amps) I felt the musical message was being delivered, and the Grand Tetons ability to convey micro and macro dynamic detail accurately with lifelike texture and space was really something VERY special.
As he is also one of the most endearing of gentle men, he represents the kind of heart that should be behind audio manufacturing in our 21st century day and age.
If you are lucky enough (for several reasons) to live in the L.A. area and are looking for a speaker that is ALIVE, musically honest, transparent and EXPANSIVE audition these babies. Their size is small...but their sound is GRAND.

Thanks to my new friend and colleague Alex.
I own a pair of the Wavetouch Teton monitors in piano black finish and I have to say these speakers are simply wonderful. For jazz, vocals, or acoustic music, the soundstage is very detailed and beautifully accurate. Sitting in the “sweet spot” and listening to Dave Brubeck or Dinah Washington was somewhat of a “rediscovery” for me and my music collection. I have listened to these speakers with a single ended triode tube amp, Threshold SA/3 class-A solid state amp, and Scott Nixon mono blocks. The results from each were stellar.

Over the years I have owned an array of different speaker configurations from Klipschorns down to small custom full range monitors and even dabbled in speaker design myself. If you are looking for sound to wake the neighbors or rock a pool party, these are not for you. But if your interests lie in refined, accurate sound reproduction, the Wavetouch Teton monitors definitely fit the bill. And finally, when it comes to doing business, you will not meet a nicer, more honest individual than Mr. Alex Yoon.
I would like to state that the comment that these little speakers can't rock
Is only partially accurate. One thing that I suggest owners of these speakers do Is buy a good subwoofer,that is the only octave and a half that need fill.Below the mid to low 40 hz region, besides that these loudspeakers are amazing fast opened and detailed,with excellent midrange and coherency ,and can go pretty loud in a decent sized room.
I bought 2 Hsu 10 inch subs for just over $1k and these GT speakers
Blend in seamlessly. I had sold my Revel-208 speakers and they were a very good speaker.these GT speakers with at least 1 subwoofer is now a
Very good full range speaker that can compete with speaker systems well
Over the $10k range with ease, and that is with the standard model.
Through the grape vine and being nosey I just happened to see a decked out Xover example copy full of the best known parts ,a Duelund resistors Clarity,Mundorfsilveroil caps Jantzen Copper foil inductors. It is not official but in the next 2 months a Special edition with it's own external Xover that matches the Baltic Birch cabinet. I can only imagine how good that it will be with WBT Copper connectors and WBT Silver solder.It is about a $1,000 upgrade but a speaker then that will go toe to toe with the Big guy's. This current speaker beats many speakers you see in recommended components that is for sure.introductory pricing I was told is ending soon .in reality these speakers are way under priced to begin with.
Uberchurl and Audioman58 have both started and contributed to other threads, but the first five posts here are a total shill-fest: 4 one-post-wonders plus the speaker mfr.

It seems to be that way all over the Web. The only online mag review is StereoTimes. It has the same starry-eyed enthusiasm as the one-posters in this thread.

It seems to me that if a $3500 monitor were indeed a Wilson and Magico killer, everybody would be all over it, and Mihorn's biggest problem would be handling the backorders.
Yeah...there's some shifty biz in this thread, and it should be nixed pronto. I've noted previously that the "yoon tone" baloney on the Wavetouch Audio site is one of the purest piles of sonic psuedo science crap I've yet to see anywhere...and I've been at this stuff for a long time. Seriously...if these speakers are actually worth anything somebody should take control of this outfit and fire the nutjob who wrote the website nonesense. If this weirdness is from the designer there's no excuse for it unless he was hallucinating.
I wish this thread would stick to comments from people who have actually heard these speakers. I have been listening to them in my EL34 system for a little over two months. They delight me every day.

I have found they are very musical playing small group Jazz or Classical. I don't enough experience to venture into audiophile vocabulary: I've only been at this a few years, have yet to listen to any top-end speakers. Playing Jim Hall/Paul Desmond the sounds seem to come from actual instruments; each with its own space. The vocals from Anonymous 4 are lovely. So too any violin or cello.

I would like to see posts from other owners as to what amps they are using to drive their Grand Tetons. Is more power better?

I do not care if these speakers are the product of brilliant design, pseudo-science, or pure chance. I do not care if they are marketed by kind gentlemen or shills. I want to advance in this hobby. Can someone suggest how to make these sound even better than they do now? Can someone suggest what speakers might be a good step up for me once I've saved up some money?
I just want to make a few comments here, I have been an Audiophile since
1970s. I have bought all the magazines read recommended components
As well as bought them . Manytimes good reviews especially in magazines
Can be very political,and $$ costly. In the case of these grand Teton
Loudspeakers these speakers are just starting to become known and way under priced as well as under the radar,their webpage asking price of $2,500 is very much underpriced IMO. They may look a bit odd on the mid driver one bullit tweeter but there is a method to it's madness .lock on imaging and soundstaging are excellent midbass fora 5.3 driver and going down into the mid 40s it is hard to figure out .on top the AMT tweeter
Is very dynamic and detailed.look at it, it's 2 nd order Xover, Jantzen inductors,Mills resistors ,and all point to point wiring,.the cabinet Alone has 42 pieces of a Russian Birch ply.this speaker is only selling at this price untill he gets another review or two. Where can you get a hand built speaker
With a 42 piece cabinet for under $5,000 or even $10k ?
This speaker will be selling for much more monies in the near future.
Please remember the summer is slow . I challenged Alex for a
Special Edition model ,since I have vast experience in capacitor,and resistors.a statement monitor Alex has been working on. I am in line.
I am hoping real soon .this model will have a totally independant crossover
Box with a whose who of great parts . Price wise ?.probably around $4k or more.
In the mean time WaveTouch gives you more then a month to check them out in your system ,not in a show Room under controlled conditions.
If in or near New England from N.Y to ME. I am in central Ma.
If you have not sat and spent time with these excellent Loudspeakers
Then you have nothing educated to say but mindless chatter.
With a 40 trial and a money back guarantee what have you to loose ?
To all the doubters and people that have an opinion without knowing
Anything about the product.if you have not listened to the Grand Tetons
Then you are just mindlessly ranting. I have been into audio for over 35 years ,spent more then a nice home on Audio and worked in the field voicing Electrostats .these Loudspeakers have several important patents .
A room is reflective music has many reflections ,that also create distortions.
These speakers eliminate a lot of these reflections, a more pure signal if you will,and for the record these speakers IMO best any monitor or floorstanders in the $10k + range in many areas. These speakers can go down to the lower 40 hz region which is very good ,but with a small mid driver and truly needs a good subwoofer for low bass. the new SVS 2000 sub I am using does not break the bank $695 and is excellent.
These speakers are way way under priced and the owner Alex knows this .
These retail for $2,500 and should be much more .currently there is only one review which is pretty accurate stereotimes best of 2013 .thst is saying a lot for a new company. How many speakers have a hand built Xover,and a 42 piece Russian Birch ply cabinet ? The cabinets alone cost $500 the AMT Heil tweeter is excellent,as well as the long throw SB Acoustics mid-bass driver.
Anyone in or near the New England area is welcome to come over for a listen only 2.5 hrs from NY city in central Ma.
One more thing give the guy a break he has gotton rave reviews at the shows if you take the time to read from the Wavetouch website, and
A 40 day trial with a full money back guarantee .i was very skeptical myself
The 40 days sold me .Give these a full week 150 hours.even after 24 hours they are smoothing out and very special .get over the wave plugs on the drivers and just enjoy the music.untill you give them a good listen then you have nothing educated to say .Check them out it will be well worth it.
Still a bit of weirdness in even the last post...can't be trusted...strange...who says "kind gentlemen?"...hmmm...
I said it...wrote it actually.

I am Sutpen, a fifty-eight year old High School math teacher living on the central coast of California. If you are near I invite you over for a listen and some beers. PM me any time.

I happily accept "weird" and "strange." I don't think you have any cause to call me a liar.
Hello Woolf what is your point ? This is a forum to share knowledge
And products,good or bad. What can't be trusted? Look at his feedback
He has a 100% rating and is very honorable .just ask people that have went to Alex home for an audition ,or demo at the show. Don't go
Ruining a guys reputation,especially if you never heard his products, or bought from him .Who are you to judge anyone ? This goes for everybody.
We all have opinions and different ideas.at least give his speaker the benifit
Of a doubt until you have demoed it yourself. I am very happy with his loudspeaker even against much more expensive speakers.if you read my last post all are invited to hear the GT speakers as Audio friends at my home. Just relax and let the music play.
Full of crap for sure, I would not believe anyone on these speakers until I heard them for myself. The way that guy shamelessly promotes himself, without any real substance to what he says, is pathetic.
If you actually read my post you can see exactly what my point is...that regardless of whether or not these speakers are well designed and sound fabulous, some around here might resent the preachy nonsense regarding patents (really? exactly what ARE the patented technologies used in the design?), plywood (except in guitar amp speaker boxes I'm not sure what this is about), reflected sound being automatically considered an unwelcome distortion (more like what music played in a room other than one stuffed with mattresses might sound like...natural maybe?), and a high school teacher (!) writing with broken English inviting strangers over for beer. Frequently mentioning the cost of the components is silly and comes off as sort of desperate, and I suggest you stay out of the field when voicing electrostats as there could be poison ivy and unwelcome insects. When you come into this forum and assume people will buy into a badly disguised sales pitch, you show very little respect for the perhaps more sophisticated among us (not necessarily myself, I'm merely old), and it makes you look like an insecure weirdo. Maybe, once they've sobered up, have one of your high school students help with your sales copy. All of these little promotion tips are given free of charge, as, of course, I'm a giver.
Perhaps you should start a thread with "resentment" as the topic; this one has a different title.
I teach math. I do not write sales copy. My students are hard-working kids trying to better themselves, not drunks.
If you point out where I used "broken English" I'd be obliged. Put it in a PM please as public shaming might make me blush.

Can you post what amp(s) you use with these speakers? I use a el34 PP integrated--about 25 watts each channel. I tried a recapped VOM 6aq5--maybe 5 watts each channel--but I though the music sounded less "alive." Thanks.
I put a lot of thought into my post and what thanks do I get? I just try to help...*sigh*...
Hello Sutpen ,I like your Post. I used a bunch of Amps my latest is a very
Little know new amp from Van Alstine the Synergy300 MOSFET amp
Very valve - tube like but fast and detailed,the option double dye is a must
2x the exec on Mosfets. I also use A a Rogue Atlas Magnum 100 wpc that
Maybe over kill for these efficient speakers but tons of headroom.
The Pass labs 250 way too much power but fantastic control.
The Synergy is similsr in a lot of ways and over 170wpc for $1,600 a true
Hiend bargain. Any one of these is a great amp,also a Wyred4 sound st250mk2 it is a dual mono design that has a FET front end with the latest Ice amps 2- in one chassis. It sounds like a refined tube amp .
Very musical ,under Mamps that is the 2 box version in reviews .
Same sonic results. I may even have to sell one soon .to finance .the
New SE speaker Wave Touch is working on. The standard model
Sounds way way more expensive then the small price tag,a true best buy
If there ever was one. The new model have the a Xover 6 x the money
Will sound incredible.one thing I do know well is Xover parts. And having a peek Clarity caps better E series ,Mundorf silver oil,and supreme,
And world best Duelund resistors ,Jantzen Copper foil coils ,hard wired all WBT Silver solder.can't wait to hear em .only down side is these Huge caps inside can take well over 300 hours to settle in .one more thing the Xover will be in it's own little cabinet behind the Loudspeaker.
"To all the doubters and people that have an opinion without knowing
Anything about the product.if you have not listened to the Grand Tetons
Then you are just mindlessly ranting."

While this certainly makes sense I don't think it tells the entire story with regard to this speaker. In a related thread a poster reported on the sound of the Grand Teton after hearing it. Unlike the gushing reviews in this thread his comments were a bit less flattering. He was immediately set upon by company owner, who in embarrassing and somewhat ugly manner called the poster a liar.

So much for objectivity and free expression of opinions. The thing is, if you depend upon word of mouth internet reviews to get the word out about your product you have to be prepared for the negative comments. NO speaker is going to be universally praised.
I agree with you. I cringed reading through those posts. I felt they were disrespectful. I want to improve the sounds playing in my house; I value posts that offer informed opinions and comparisons--positive or negative.

Thanks for the response. I don't have any amp in 50-100 watt range, but I will keep your suggestions in mind as I crawl up the audio ladder.
Hi Randyhat,

"The thing is, if you depend upon word of mouth
internet reviews to get the word out about your product you
have to be prepared for negative comments".

Agreed. It's not hard for me to feel that, if I were Alex, I
would've at least tried to handle that differently...even if
I thought Ctsooner was lying (which I don't). In that
instance I think it just would've made good business sense
to me. I don't think Alex necessarily always gets an A+ for
his business skills or his current level of understanding
how the American way works...or even always his engineering
explanations, for that matter. But, as much as I can
sympathize with Ctsooner (and have with him on this point
before), I can also do so with Alex otherwise, at least up
to a point. English just isn't his first language, plain and
simple. But, being that the company is basically just him on
the payroll (I think he farms out the CNC cabinet cuts), I
don't imagine he can realistically hire anybody to help him
with the language barrier without ultimately running the
risk of losing control of his company. And in truth I can
sympathize that he may feel he simply has no other choice,
as a result, but to try to fly his company by the seat of
his pants, like he does. At least he seems to have the
courage to take that much on the chin, so far. And, like you
suggest above, it might be too early for him to be
advertising by means other than forums. But, in my view, I
just can't help but feel that this business with Ctsooner,
anyway, has damaged his reputation. That to me is
unfortunate. But, if nothing else, I'm sincerely hoping Alex
will come to understand and appreciate our heritage of the
American sense of fair play as the rest of us generally

BTW, I do have a pair of GT's. I find they really are
uniquely amazing. And I'm also fully convinced they are the
last speakers I will ever need to own, FWIW.

Regards. John
But, in my view, I
just can't help but feel that this business with Ctsooner,
anyway, has damaged his reputation. That to me is
unfortunate. But, if nothing else, I'm sincerely hoping Alex
will come to understand and appreciate our heritage of the
American sense of fair play as the rest of us generally

Rule #1: Don't bully someone with multiple sclerosis.

Rule #2: If you don't know what "MS" is, look it up before you start bullying someone in an open forum.

After witnessing that shameful exhibition of relentless badgering, false accusations and bullying...

I don't care if WaveTouch speakers were the Voice of God and all others sounded like oatmeal boxes. I would sooner learn to make my own speakers than enrich a person who behaves that way.
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Mercifully the moderator removed the sadly misguided, and over the top post by the owner of Wavetouch. He continues to dig the hole deeper. Clearly he is spiraling out of control over this non issue. Hopefully someone who is a friend can help him reason through this fiasco. At this point it is just sad.
Come on Guys, the way some of you here are acting, you would think we were posting about some BOSE 901's!..

Some of you here needs to... get a life !....
Hifisoundguy, i agree. for a bunch of music lovers they act like mean politicians trying to have a pissing match
Maybe you didn't read the rant by the company owner that is at the core of this "pissing match". That post has been since removed.
Most of what I have read about these speakers has been positive. I don't think that is the issue. As long as the feedback was positive everything was fine. From most accounts the speaker is of high quality. It's the owner of the company who has sounded harsh and performed poorly in the face of the slightest of criticism .
+1 Hifisoundguy and Veroman. I think there pacifiers fell out of their mouths.

07-06-14: Hifisoundguy
Come on Guys, the way some of you here are acting, you would think we were posting about some BOSE 901's!..

Some of you here needs to... get a life !....

Your self-righteous finger-wagging is misplaced. It's not like we're getting into a flame war about the sonic qualities of Teflon vs. PTE cable dielectric.

Some us are willing to pull ourselves away from an audio discussion to take issue with shill posts, product misrepresentation, and verbal abuse of other forum members. This indicates that we not only have a life, but a moral compass as well.
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Johnnyb53..my latest QuickSilver GOLD tweak, putting this stuff between connections inside gear is going to make me VERY FAMOUS on these Forums some day!...

My Tweak might even make it on the front cover of Stereophile Magazine someday when the word gets out and people everywhere start raving about it!

I'm on to something big here guys!!

I own thr Current Wavetouch speaker,and for the record.
The owner did not know much about Xover breakin.i logged a full week
Or 170 hrs with music ,a lot of pink noise to runin in the system
It total removed that sometimes etchy balalance in the top octave.
I told him to chill out .not everyone had a runin pair if loudspeakers
Like he now has . And may hear speakers going through the breakin process.i have 1,000 s of hours with modifying and dtivers.
These speakers have so much promise I asked him 20 times to consider a
True Special Edition speaker with external Xover a who's who of Great
Parts quality as well as wire harness . I prepared and results I am told
Are on another level .I am one of the first guys getting one .
It is much more expensive but will go toe to toe with the Big guys at a fraction if their cost. My friend lives out in L.A and gave them a listen.
My friend has Harbeth 30 ,and he said his harbeths will be up forsale.
I will let you know when I get mine and runin probably in mid Aug.
Thanks Audioman58. This thread moved me to call Wavetouch. I find these have promise also. The owner there is a very nice guy. Looking forward to your thoughts on that new one.
Hello Marqmike I will have mine in 2 weeks.
I also forgot yo mention Alex has been working on and will have the
Generation -2 of the standard Grand Teton thst is noticably better
He found a specific custom wiring thst is noticably better and may be even a slight upgrade to the Xover. Price increase of a few hundred but
You will get a speaker that really sings. If your budget can't afford the SE
This would be a great speaker .i ccan tell you many people overlook this speaker until they hear it .i have one sub and these speakers sound
Like a big floorstanders with plenty of dynamics and detail.
I live in central Mass. Within 2-3 hours of 5 states All Audiophiles
Are welcome to come over for a few hours to listen.
I just wanted to mention that I finally got the Wavetouch Special Edition
Loudspeaker. I really like the fact they will take the time and run the speaker in for two weeks straight 340 hours . Igad them shop mine at 250'hours . Sonicly I have had Revel 208,206Yg Carmel's and without question very similsr except these speakers with wave guide and horn
Are more like a point sourse. The revels were similar in soundstaging side to side,these SE go well beyond the Loudspeakers .imaging just floats in space open and airy.the Bass truly does go into the low .40s with excellent articulation and slam. everyone who has heard them say they sound like a big floorstanders with soul. I totally agree. If you are in New England look me up and visit .
I finally got the GT-Special Editions these are very telling Loudspeakers
The new wiring and very hiend Xover takes these Loudspeakers to
Compete with Ease Loudspeakers in the $10k range without reservations.
The Horn Waveguide sound more like a point sourse to begin with.
I hear parts of recordings that I have never heard before and I owned
Speakers several times this $3,500 . The midbass is very tight and
Lower 40 hz region is no problem .instruments are fleshy and full sounding
Soundstaging floats well beyond the speaker boundaries,and imaging is solid with verygood front to back layering. The AMT tweeter is ideal in this design.I have been into Audio a long time.I know of no Loudspeaker especially a monitor that is this refined
Untill you spend big moneys. I highly recommend the Grand Teton-SE.
P.s if there are any Audiophiles in New England you are welcome to
Visit just drop Me a message.
I've had the GT's for about 6 months... and have driven them with JC-1's, A-21, Atmosphere M60's, and Carver M180's. Without a doubt, they are some of the best sounding speakers I've had, or heard. Simply superb in all respects. And... I love all of my other superb speakers. But... the GT's get all of my time. They are truly "magical" speakers. If you haven't tried them... trust me... you will be as impressed as I have been, if you do so. You have nothing to lose... and... so much to gain!
I've had the GT's for about 6 months... and have driven them with JC-1's, A-21, Atmosphere M60's, and Carver M180's. Without a doubt, they are some of the best sounding speakers I've had, or heard. Simply superb in all respects. And... I love all of my other superb speakers. But... the GT's get all of my time. They are truly "magical" speakers. If you haven't tried them... trust me... you will be as impressed as I have been, if you do so. You have nothing to lose... and... so much to gain!
I went to Alex's place to audition these speakers in Los Angeles about a year ago. They sounded outstanding in his place. He offered to let me try out a pair free of charge in my place. I declined because I know that I needed more speaker displacement because of the size of my room. Check out the size of my room on my system page and you'll see why I declined his offer. He suggested that I pair them with a subwoofer beause my room is so big, I was not interested in that. For conventional sized residential living rooms, I suggest you give these speakers a try...you have nothing to lose.

They just were not my cup of tea.
I had a pair for audition this summer. They are very good sounding- very uncolored,clear,open and dynamic, with a very big soundstage. Kind of odd looking. Very competitive with the best at their price range, imo. YMMV.
I have a pair of these and they are clearly very special speakers when set up correctly... Like a lot of speakers they need some space around them. If you live in West Los Angeles or nearby feel free to contact me and you can come by to listen to them. I have them hooked up to a tube integrated amp.
Bring your amp if you like.

I heard some Teton monitors and they made me feel nauseous and caused a small fire in the listening room. I also think Wavetouch promoters are part of an insidious cult that suggests people contact them for home auditions and once the unsuspecting strangers arrive they're processed into goo by aliens. Otherwise, great speakers man...really great...
To those interested in a revolutionary audio experience in the $20k and under loudspeaker category you will be gobsmacked by the GTse, and Gen2's are not far behind for a $1k less. These really are a totally different experience from the previous GT. If you want a transparent, small, kick-ass speaker that recreates an event like few kilo buck speakers can with both ease and immediacy do yourself proud and check these out. I've become an enthusiast for this speaker out of sheer purist delight. These new versions of the GT should qualify for one the greatest bargains in the history of hi-fi... And that's some serious $h%t!