Testing Genalex KT77 & Psvane CV181 TII on Hickok 752 tube tester.

I have a Hickok 752 tube tester and can find no settings for a couple of tubes I want to test.   I am curious if someone might know the settings on the 752 for the following tubes:
1. Genalex KT77, (the Hickok charts for the 752 show data on the KT66 and KT88, but not the KT77):
The data for the 66 and 88 are:
6.3, 7250-3481, 20, _ , X10, S5, 400 for the KT66
6.3, 7250-3481, 13, _ , X20, S5, 225 for the KT88
2. Psvane CV181-TII, it is similar to a 6SN7, but I can find no testing data on it.
Thank you for any tips you might have for me.