Testing for bad cart suspension

I just recently acquired a fairly old NOS Glanz 610LX cart. It's from the mid 80's. My first vintage cart as well. This cart sounds amazing, actually outstanding is a better word.  But one thing that is troubling me, that I didn't think of before I bought it, was if the suspension was any good on it. Considering its age I'm a bit concerned. 

It it sounds great with zero tracking or frequency issues. However when I set it down on my protractor (with the correct TF) the boron cantilever leans to my left as I try to align it. 

Are there any any rule of thumb tests that could indicate the suspension is going bad?  What do I look for. 
If it’s bad the cartridge became a LowRider (too close to the record surface with recommended tracking force, less than 1mm). If there are 2mm or 1.5mm between the cartridge body and the record surface then you’re fine. If the cantilever is slightly off-centered it is not a problem you can turn the cartridge left or right in the headshell to make your cantilever straight with protractor’s lines.