Testing Ethernet switch

If you have bought an "audio" Ethernet switch, don't bother with this thread 

If you question Ethernet switches, here is one test of one brand. 

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@tonywinga owned me? lol, by your own definition you are a clown. 🤡

Post a supporting article that shows that the author has any resemblance of expertise. You cannot. 

Totaly Clueless @fredrik222 Yep owned again and agin fly away Robin. Lot's of stuff you have never heard including a good DAC. Such a maroon. 

Enjoy Boy Wonder. Have music to listen to. 

@jeffrey125  your speakers are not good. So if you think you have a resolving system, you are truly a lost cause.

at least tonywinga has a good system, I have heard those speakers, and while i don’t want them, they are good. Better than mine. Yours are light years behind mine. But keep on trucking thinking your speakers are resolving. Big L In life is going nowhere. 

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82% of internet statistics are made up, including a lot in this thread.