Testing a cartridge

Hi, everyone. I just put together my "new" Empire 698 turntable with a brand new Audio-Technica 120E cartridge. Everything sounded great, when all of a sudden the right channel went dead. I tested the interconnects for continuity, but those are fine. Made sure everything was plugged in properly, and still no sound. Could it be the cartridge? Any way to test it? Any other thoughts on what else I should check? Thanks in advance!
Also check to make sure the stylus assembly is fully "snapped" in. Since this cart has a user replaceable stylus, it might have come loose.
Another thing to check with on your Empire is the circuit continuity of the phono cable. Assuming yours has the stock Empire cable, check carefully. They can be prone to developing open circuits/loose connections. Wiggle the cable where it connects to the tonearm and make sure everything is snug. My 598 cable would sometimes need to be wiggled & moved around until an open connection would reseat.
Thanks, everyone. I will certainly try these things and get back with the results!