Testament EMI Ravel Box a Fantastic Set

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Ravel Box a Fantastic Set

This 4 LP box set from EMI Testament (EMI 2476) Ravel "Complete Orchestral Works" with Andre Cluytens conducting is not to be missed. Although most of this music by Ravel has been recorded by RCA and Decca/London with conductors such as Reiner, Munch and Monteux with supurb results. No other conductor has done a complete cycle of Ravel’s music to such a high standard on LP.

The music and the sound will stun you. This set even with the most familiar music will make you take notice. The set has great sound and the interpretations are to such a high standard. There is so much here to consider that deserves repeated listening as the set is that good!

"Valses nobels" has become one of my favorites from the set. Its beautifully elegant and its sense of movement adds to the superb recording. The account of "Alborada del gracioso" is illuminating and vivid but even handed. The recording again showing that it has considerable intensity without lack of body to the orchestra or the fullness of the acoustic.

Recorded in stunning early stereo sound by EMI although multi-miked, these are wonderful performances of great music. One of the very best re-issue’s ever and not to be missed. A set that you will cherish and play more than once. This is an important set. It shows the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra at likely its very best.

Originals of this set if you could find one in as new condition would cost in excess of more than several hundred dollars. The set is that good. So at the re-issue price of just over a hundred dollars for this set. This 4 LP box is a relative bargain because of the original box set being so rare and in demand.

Ignored by the audio press. The Ravel set is one of the very best examples of recorded sound on LP that I have heard in the past year. This is a set of the highest audio standards. Stellar in every way. The set itself is so well done. The labels, the booklet, the pressings and the sound and the music that it should set an example for all re-issue projects to come. This re-issue pushes the envelope.

Four out of four!

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