Test Record Options

Seems as though everyone mentions the Hi-Fi News and Record test LP for setting up phono cartridges. These are getting harder to find in good condition (those that have, keep!) and the new version won't be out until sometime in late-September, as I understand. I listed a "wanted" ad for one sometime ago and got zero response.

Anyone know of other test records that do equally well, or better, than the HFNR LP that is always mentioned?
I still like the Stereo Review/Radio Shack test records. They are identical records with different covers, but the same booklet. Super cheap at Goodwill and quite common.
Thanks Viridian - Funny, though. I live relatively close to four different Goodwills and one Salvation Army which I check often for vinyl. Have never seen one of the copies to which you refer at any of these store. Will keep my eye more closely peeled. Anyone who has an extra available and is willing to sell, I'd be obliged.
I have several extra copies of the Shure series of test records. Email me if you're interested....L
4Yanx, drop me an email. I had a source for the HFNR discs but it may have dried up. I know that they had very few left when i purchased a few a while back. I'll check and let you know. Sean
Hi 4yanx...www.amusicdirect.com had a bunch a few months ago. I got mine from them, but I did have some quality issues. The first was warped and had a huge spindle hole (bigger than any spindle), so I exchanged it for a second that was in good shape, but still not completely perfect. Apparently HFNRR has a bit of a quality control issue.