Test grade Jeff Buckley discs?

Do any of you Agoners know of any unusually high quality CDs pressed of the late great Jeff Buckley? On another note intirely any info on good shopping sites for this kind of stuff? thx much.
As far as I'm aware there is only the Columbia releases for Jeff Buckley.
Columbia just released the new Legacy Edition of Grace. Its digitally remastered, and I'm listening to it as I write this.

The sound quality is definitely better than on the original release, but I'm not yet ready say its a huge improvement (my dishwasher is running in the background)
When I first started listening to Grace, it was one of those albums where I didn't care about the sound quality.

I totally feel you on that.

The Legacy version does sound different indeed it reminds me a lot of SACD on the lower level player I have.

I must admit I find it a bit unnerving as I know the disc so well-it sounds different rather than better.
Ambient/background sounds are arguably clearer.