Test Equipment

What is a good source for test equipment? Analyzers, Spl Meters, etc.....
try http://www.apogeekits.com/test_equipment.htm
If you know what to look for, Ebay can produce some phenomenal bargains. I typically do pretty good there on this type of stuff as i just snagged another piece of test gear last week. What was originally a $40,000 piece of test equipment is now mine for less than $400. It will cost me a couple of hundred bucks to have it calibrated, but for that kind of money, it was a no brainer. If there is specific test equipment that you're looking for, let me know. I'll try and find the best deals on items that are worth buying. Sean
Slappy, the tests you need are not going to come out of a box, or be found on Ebay!!!

A word of advice: seek professional help! I.E. a doctor!

Sean, what is the best unit to measure frequency response in my room? You know about my expereince with the TACT unit. I'm not sure that was the best approach, but I would like to keep up with this, and try to get the room in order.
We have 2 sets of test equipment. Sean is right--with a laptop you can now have near the power of analyzers in the tens of thousands for less than $1000. Both our test kits require a laptop computer (PC only). The professional version is used by all of our dealers for acoustical measurement.

The test kits are in our software, test and measurement section.
Rives: I wasn't thinking along the lines of computer based test equipment, but you bring up a very valid and over-looked aspect of modern day technology. For what many folks are looking for, it's quite probable that computer driven test equipment will be more than they would ever need. Having said that, i can remember posting info here about Spectralab many moons ago. Only problem is, one has to have a way to interphase standard test equipment probes and microphones with the software in a way that doesn't corrupt the accuracy of the capabilities of the program itself. This could mean investing in far more advanced and linear sound and video cards, etc.... or possibly even building a dedicated computer just for test purposes. The nice thing about computer based programs like this is that you have the ability to store and compare hundreds of graphs, charts, tables, etc... at the push of a few buttons. You can't do that with normal gear. Sean

The best set of equipment to do this would be an audio sweep generator, audio spectrum analyzer and microphone. It's really a simple test to do with the right equipment.