Test CD s, which ones to get.

Does anyone know of which test cd's work the best or were to get them? And is there any good place to go to get good instructions on how to use them. Thanx for your help.
The Stereophile test cd's are a good start. Also have a look at the Soundcheck 2 test cd (one site that has info and price is at "http://www.interstudio.co.uk/sndchk.htm" although I believe it may be available slightly cheaper elsewhere) which has some good sleeve notes to guide you. Regards, Richard
My two favorites are: Engineer's Choice II by Delos # DE 3512 it has excerpts of John Eargle's favorite recordings. The other one is "My Disc" The Sheffield/A2TB Test Disc, Sheffield Labs # 10045-2-T it contains various techincal tracks in addition to some reference music very help full when setting up a new system or further tuning your current set up. Cheers:>)TIM
Thanx Vant and Tireguy.


Re-viving an older thread-

which Test Discs are you guys using?  I am looking to buy a copy of the Dali sampler CD.

Get the Ayre Irrational, but Efficacious system enhancement disc.
Talk about a shortcut to greatness.
This disc will wake up your system by putting it through the ringer.
There's no music to impress your friends when they come over, rather,
full frequency sweeps, pink, brown and white noise, in and out of phase, and whatever else it does, it does it extremely well. Any gear that passes a signal will benefit from it.
After that, just about anything you play will sound great, if not better.
You can get the best price from Elusive Disc. They gave me an unadvertised discount of 15% and offer USPS which is all you need for shipping. Every other site didn't which dramatically increased the cost.

All the best,

Yep, the Ayre is a good one.
If you talking about proper technicians test cd's then you can't go passed.

1:  http://www.stereophile.com/content/recording-november-1988-ipierre-verany-digital-test-cdi#IQ1OYpDXIOxd1TJ4.97

2: http://www.allmusic.com/album/denon-audio-technical-cd-mw0000150515

These are the ones I have, not cheap but good tools.

Cheers George
Good offers- George.
No one has a line on any Dali test CD?
Still looking for the Dali test CDs.
I would even settle for a burned CD-r of the Dali Vol 1 disc.