Test CD's

I am trying to decide between various test CD's to analyze my stereo system and for future component upgrades. Some of these test CD's available include (a) Chesky jazz & classics volumes 1,2,3 (b)Stereo review-Chesky records gold stereo & surround sound set-up disc, and (c)Stereophile test CD 1 and 2.Does anyone have any recommendations between these test CD's and do the Chesky volumes differ enough from each other that one needs to get all 3 volumes (ditto for the 2 volumes of Stereophile)? If no major difference between the volumes, which volume is recommended? Many thanks.
All of the above are fine and should do the job-- I use the Delos 'The Music/ The Tests' Delos CD DE 3179.
Good Listening,
I use the XLO produced CD for "burn in", magnetic sweeps, and some set-up info., but for deciding on up-grading components, speakers, ICs, PCs, and spkr. cables, I use "real" music that I'm intimately familiar with. I've just never been able to get comfortable with "audiophile approved" music. IMO, you should use the music you really know and like to make up-grade decisions-- use good recordings though. Cheers. Craig
Since there is no single disc that does everything, I was thinking about burning a disc composed of the specific songs that i like to judge the sonic attributes of components or systems by. By having several different types of music with very special attributes all on one disc, you can pretty much put a component or system through ALL of its' paces VERY quickly without any mucking about. Simply drop the disc in and sit back. This way you can find a comfortable position, get situated and retain that point of view for the whole presentation. Having some type of remote volume adjustment would pretty much seal the deal. Sound like a plan ??? Sean
Sean, I'm in Mexico on business but your idea sounds good to me...You and I are in Chicago metro. Let's get in touch next week.