Test C.D with a signal output of 1VACrms?

I'm looking for a test C.D that can produce a signal output of 1vac.Is this possible?I need it to adjust the trim pots in my pre-amp.
Thanks mike
Since all CD players have various amounts of gain, there is no way to generate a "for sure" level of output on any given recording. While line level standard is 2.0 volts, i've seen some players that are spec'd much lower than this. As such, the only way to do something like what you want to do would be to either use a calibrated signal generator or to use a disc with a continuous test tone and measure the output of the cd player. One would have to install some type of pad or in-line attenuator if the player itself did not have a variable output level. You could get around this by using the variable output of a headphone jack that many players have, but you should be REALLY careful doing this. The output level on some of these might be quite high and it could be easy to crank things up too fast. Sean