Tesla Plex SE by Synergistic Research.

Hi Dear Fellows.
I have a  Transparent  Ultra power bank filter pluged to a modest Furutech FPX wall receptacle to feed my system.I have a very relaxing efect , with deepness in soundstage, accurate timber, airy sound and a dark background.Anyway , said that,I feel my system needs a little punch  in the upper frequencies, I think is a very quiet listening and lacks a bit of energy to my taste.I red that the tesla Plex SE receptacle due to its 2 million volts treatment, have a more detailed sound, airy, and very dinamic, with better bass extension.So I kept that in my mind and decided to buy one of these receptacles.I haven´t received it yet.So what can I expect from this wall receptacle?Is it true what the description tells about its performance?Any experiences will be highly appreciated!!I will tell mines once I'll test it.Thanks in advance!Cheers!Raf

My system is  configurated as follows:
Cal delta transport
Audio alchemy Dti pro
EAD Dsp 9000 pro
Jadis Orchestra amplifier
Proac Response One SC
Van den hul The First interconnects
PAD  Praestro  biwire 20th anniversary speaker cables

I also have the Jadis Orchestra amplifier so perhaps my observations will be helpful.

The Synergistic Research Teslaplex SE A/C receptacle will give your system the sense of more energy and music in the room. For me there is a sense of more emotion.

The Jadis also responds well to upgrading the stock fuse. I think the Synergistic Research "RED"
fuse will further improve the systems's sound.

The fuse and receptacle will sound good on installation but better after about  a 100 hrs. of use.

David Pritchard
Hi Mr David Pritchard,
Many thanks for your suggestions.Yes indeed they´re very helpful.I´ll take into consideration changing the stock fuse to see what happens.I have now installed the original factory fuse.Just for curiosity, even if this is not the discuss section.What El34 tubes have you in the jadis orchestra?I still have it with the Electro harmonix el34 tubes and I was thinking in upgrading them, I found RSD tubes but was thinking in trying JJ tesla tubes as well.I heard JJ tubes have better bass than the original Electo harmonix.Thanks in advance.Cheers.Raf
I have rolled a lot of tubes and have found that changing the fuses in the amp, and music source (such as CD player or DAC ) will make a bigger and more meaningful sonic change. I would make these changes first.

Also the Synergistic Research fuses- both the "RED" and the newest "BLACK" fuses and the Teslaplex A/C wall receptacles are sold with a money back guarantee. Not so with tubes!

David Pritchard

Hi Mr David Pritchard,
Many thanks for your valuable advices.I found them very revealing and helpful to me.
I will start trying changing stock fuses first.

By the way ... are you the Physics teacher at the MIT?
Cheers!Best regards!

Hi David,

Have you tested the Black fuse, if so what is the differences or improvements over the red, or is it just different sounding?

No I do not teach physics. I am an anesthesiologist.
Remember the A/C receptacle will sound better upon instalation but will fully open up with about 150 hours of current flowing thru it.

The "BLACK" fuses shipped yesterday and so should have them for this weekend listening sessions. I will have the good fortune to compare the sound of equipment using the Synergistic Research original fuse-SR20, RED, and now the BLACK fuse.

The amplifiers are Art Audio PX-25, Emotion Custom (type45 tube), Jadis, and Eddie Current Zana Deux OTL headphone amp.

The sources are Marantz SA11-S2 SACD players, and an Antelope DAC (which has a separate fuse for Hot and Neutral).

As a further listening bonus this weekend, I will be listening to Zuill Baily play Bach on his 1693 cello live, and then compare it to his CD. I hope I do not have to tell him he needs a fuse change!

If you enjoy classical music at all, I highly recommend Zuill Bailey's cello CD's.

David Pritchard
HI David,

Looking forward to your impressions. 

The migs 2.0 were a nice improvement over the 1st version, again adding fuses leads to more costly synergistic older stuff becoming paperweights.

So if i replace a red fuse with a black, the fuse ends up costing a whole lot and its not just a one fuse....!
Dr. Pritchard;

Drager or Ohmeda machine preference?

Hi Mr Pritchard,
Many thanks for your suggestion!
I will be eager to see how the Tesla wall AC receptacle evolves within 150hours of break in..
I´m interested also in reading your comparison between both fuses( the Red and Black)
keep in touch!

Hi Raf,
I used to have Tesla Powercell 4Se in my system up to last December. It made HF to become more refined and provided more sound-stage extensions. Based on my experience, bass was a little bit softened. Overall it is a very good Power conditioner for Tube amps. Especially its non-limited current characteristic made it very appealing for big amplifiers. Except Tara labs (Pm2, Ad6 and Idat) power conditioners, I don’t know any other PC having this characteristic. Powercell does not provide any surge protection, so you need to be aware of that.

I used to cascade Powercell with Tara labs Pm2/Ad6 and result was excellent. You could also cascade your Powercell with Transparent filter bank and find out whether it would improve the sound quality or not.

Upgrading MPC adapter of Powercell (30-32volts output), would bring more resolution and refined HF to your system. It is recommended to do so. There are some comments here at Audiogon about how to do it. Instead of that, I also tried, some laptop AC/DC adapters which usually are very good (30-32volts outputs) and result was much better compared to original MPC.
BTw, your Furutech FPX is a very good WPO, and perhaps adding a Tesla plex Wall outlet will make your system too bright!!! Right now, Furrutech Gtx Gold is on sale for $140 which is pretty good and maybe it could compensate/improve the bass frequency of Powercell.

Hope that would help,

Hello Mr Pritchard.
Have you tested the Sinergistic Research Black fuse in the Jadis Orchestra amp?If so....which are the differences compared to the Red fuse?
Many thanks for your opinions!

Ok initial listening session done.  

I spent about an hour swapping fuses in the arc sp16 and comparing.  Also changing fuse direction.  I left the quantum sticker thingy off. 

So look,  the red fuse sounded good.      So did the stock fuse that came in the arc sp16 new.    If there was a difference it did not jump out at me.  Both sounded similarly good with great dynamics big soundstage excellent detail and the whole nine yards.   I cannot really attribute anything unique to the red fuse so far. 

I listened to 3 very good quality recordings, all lossless flac files ripped to my music server using dbpoweramp:  The Mariners Revenge Song by The Decemberists, The William Walton Crown Imperial Coronation March on Mercury Living Presence,. And The Grand Duel by Luis Bacalov from the Kill Bill Pt 1 soundtrack.  


I much prefer Ohmedia machines!


I did find the RED fuse to take about 3 days to settle in. I thought it was a nice improvement over a stock fuse. Then comparing a Synergistic Research Black fuse to Red or original, the improvement was greatest with the BLACK fuse.

Black fuse is simply the best and it's easy to hear the improvement. This applies to amps, DAC's, CD players, sound processors, sub woofers and TV sound bars. These are locations I have personally evaluated.

Concerning wall outlets: I do like the way the Synergistic Research Teslaplex SE wall outlets brings more music to the room. The Furutech GTX-R is also good but brings different qualities to the room.  But if I was starting out trying outlets,  I would pick a Synergistic Research Teslaplex SE. It is the one outlet that comes with a 30 day money back trial. It also is less expensive!

David Pritchard
Hello Rafael,

I was wondering whether you would share your experience on Tesla plex and any comparison with Furutech FPX(R?G?cu?).



I have the SR outlets. And... Oyaide R1, MIT, Maestro, PS and the Furutech GTX-R  and a few other outlets.

To my ears, and with my system, I prefer the Furutech GTX-R. It has a better all around frequency. I also prefer not only the Oyaide wall covers for sound quality but I think they look better too. I have a total of 4 Oyaide Duplex covers and 8 Furutech outlets.

The other outlets are used in my homemade DIY outlet boxes that can be seen on my system page.

Thanks a lot for your  comments. Actually, I have a couple of Furutech GTX--DGold which are really good on my amps. I used them on front end and found a little bit reticent on high frequencies, less dynamic and somehow dominating audio signal on bass. I use some Hubbell IG 5362 Double Cryo'd AC Outlet for front end now. It is very good on mids and HF but somehow shy on bass. I looked around and it seems GTX-D-Rhodium is reticent on midrange. That's what it makes me somehow cautious.  I would rather to have a nice midrange rather than strong bass. Besides, I use some IEGO Silver IEC on couple of my power cords and all my ICs are Silver (AQ SKY) as well as on my SC cables (AQ Meteor).  Too much brightness is not what I look for.

What is your impression on midrange and bass  provided by GTX-Rhodium? and how it it is compared to other outlets?



As I stated, I think the GTX-R has the best overall frequency response with no particular area recessed or promoted. They do take some time to break in.

Hi Michaelzay, I might know where to buy a new condition furutech gtx-rhodium outlet for $150.00 plus shipping and pay pal fee,  the yen to dollar has changed,  if you look at vh-audio website,  you will see the furutech gtx-rhodium outlet's at  $245.00 a piece,  they were  $235.00. Email me if interested. 
Hi jea48, I sent you email on audiogon,  need advice, thankyou 
Hi everybody!

Unfortunately I haven´t had the opportunity  to test the Teslaplex Se receptacle yet, but I will write my experience once I´ll test it.
Mr Pritchard and everyone.....
I have tested the Sinergistic Research Red fuse( 4Amp slow) in the jadis Orchestra,,,Mama Mia!!!Woww !!It´s completely another story!!More openess, extended frequencies, airy sound,big improvement in soundstage as well. Then after a month of breaking it, I decided to take out the 22 or more screws of the base of  the Jadis amp and changed the 2 fuses 5x20mm 500ma  and put Sinergistic Research Red( these fuses are the ones that goes on the EL34 tubes)....
As expected another improvement!!

I began to notice the entrance of voices and instruments at a correct time, it was as if the 2 fuses inside the amp eliminates the delays in time, and music appers¨ more alive¨as if you were sitted in front of the players.
Another thing is more silences become evident, the music seems to be played a little slowlier, which gives a sense of pleasant and natural hearing, and Soundstage!!! Yes!!. the position of players becomes more clear an focused, some instruments behind the wall, a singer in front of the speakers, and right and left as usual,
So my concluison is:
Sinergistic Research Red fuses really worthwile the investment.They can lift up your equipment to another level.

By the way....I don´t have experiences with the Black fuses.Has anybody compared these two models?May be David or anybody else have something to tell us?

Best regards!
Keep in touch!


Congratulations on trying the Red fuse in the Jadis. You described exactly what I have heard with a RED fuse in this amp. And then wow! You went to the next level and pried open that amp and replaced the internal fuses. Great work. The Jadis is not easy to get into.

I have not tried the Black fuse with the Jadis-yet. I am using Black fuses on my two low powered SET amps and my Headphone amp. 

So right now the Jadis and the Triode of Japan 845 amp are not being played.

Each of these amps brings a slightly different palate of sounds to the systems. The one fact that has been an absolute constant is these Synergistic RED and BLACK fuses make a significant improvement in the sound.

I hope everyone gets to hear some great music this weekend.

David Pritchard
Mapman, have you tried one of these fuses in your bel canto gear?

Any diff?