tesla ,audience power conditioner comparison

i am from mumbai,india,with power input of 220v and was putting up a dedicated line for my Leben CS600 integerated amp and resolution audio CD player and was in the process of buying from abroad power conditioner which may be tesla powercell 6 or audience or BPT or any other conditioner,can i share goners owning conditioners their exeprience what kind of effect the conditioner has on sound of audio equipment
Hi Mehrakrishan,

You will get many different opinions on power conditioners.

Here's my experience. I live in a group of units in a medium density residential area, with patches of light industry a few kilometers away. So it's probably not the best power, but certainly not as bad as Hong Kong and I would think Mumbai.

When I added a Shunyata Hydra 4 (plus various Shunyata power cords) to my system I noticed the following:

1. The part of the soundfield that is not the music became dramatically cleaner and emptier - this is the "blacker background" you read about in reviews. Before there had been a glare or shimmer that I didn't notice until it was removed.

2. The soundstage was more stable. Instruments were clearly located in a certain position and stayed there. Previously everything was mixed together and fluid.
With the conditioner it was more precise.

3. More detail can be heard. With everything cleaned up and stable, it becomes easier to hear the attack and decay of notes and the tonal or timbral component of the instruments.

4. Probably the biggest benefit is that the system is more consistent. Previously it tended to be glarey and fatiguing during the day, smooth and relaxing at night.
With the conditioner the days are now the same as the nights.

You will hear some negatives about conditioners (especially affecting dynamics) but I would think that in a high-density city such as Mumbai a conditioner would be a necessity.

Now you just have to decide which one.
thanks Gtfour i would love to own Tesla powercell 10SE but to buy it at present is beyond my means so i am waiting for better times