Terry Reid

Is it true that Terry was initially asked to front Led Zeppelin?
That's the lore. He was touring with Cream at the time and couldn't; if memory serves, he's the one who said to Page there's a guy named Robert Plant you should probably check out. And Plant knew Bonham.
I met Terry Reid a couple years ago- he was playing at the club near our NY place. We chatted for a while about a mutual friend who had passed away unexpectedly. Didn't ask him about the LZ thing. He was a nice guy. His live rendition of To be Treated Right was pretty killer.
At the time Terry Reid was a solid guitarist, good songwriter and killer vocalist. Having him join the New Yardbirds would have worked well, especially as a live act.
Based on what I've been told.. when HE turned down that position,,,, He recommended Robert Plant. How awesome is that for rock trivia??