Terrible/Inappopriate songs ...

on an otherwise wonderful release. Know of any? These bug the crap out of me as they are: dumb songs, inappropriate selections as per the rest of the release, and sung very poorly. What is (was) up with them?

1. Miles Davis, "Nothing Like You", on Sorcerer (1962).
2. Tony Williams, "This Night This Song", and, "Once I Loved", a two-fer on Turn It Over (1970).

I very much like both of these releases, but they are spoiled by these insipid songs (IMO) unless I skip them. Know of others such as these clinkers? Must be ones which stick out like sore thumbs on an otherwise good/great release. Cuts which make you exclaim, WTF?
I'll get my head chopped off for this but don't you think "Within You Without You" just doesn't fit on "Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"?

I think Lennon/McCartney had to throw one to George to appease him. The album would have been thematically tighter with "Strawberry Fields Forever" or "Penny Lane".
"Bang The Drum All Day" from Todd Rundgren's "Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect". Not necessarily an "otherwise wonderful" release, but this is a TRULY bad song on an otherwise reasonably satisfying record.
I'm a long time Graham Nash fan but to this day find "Our House" on Deja Vu a major bore.

I miss the Favorite Track Selection feature on my first CD player-a Magnavox CDP650 which let you choose which songs you liked and skip over the crappy ones automatically from then on. Then I saw one being used for demo purposes at last year's audio show in SF-pretty funny. Maybe the mfr used it to avoid songs that didn't flatter his equipment.
Audiofeil - Right on! Though the singing is still good. A wonderful LP, but for that lousy song which fits better on a Sesame Street episode. Good call.
Right Bill, "Our House" may be impossible to beat - it is brutal, Indian Girl on Stones "Emotional Rescue" always gets the mute button for me.
"Mother" off of "Synchronicity".
"Joy to the World" by 3 dog night.
"Muskrat Love" by America.
These are from greatest hits albums.
The song American Garage from the Pat Metheny Group album American Garage.
I don't know that I have any CDs that only have one song that I don't enjoy, but I think it's more bothersome when the CD only has a single song that is enjoyable (I have several of these).
Slaw I was gonna say Mother yesterday lol. That was Andys song and Miss Gradinko was from Stewart if memory serves. Andy was no writer lol. Sting let them have a song each I guess.
Inappropriate category: Jim Carroll Band ("It's too late, to fall in love with Sharon Tate").
I usually skip "Mother's Lament" on Disraeli Gears.
"Yellow Submarine" does not belong on the otherwise fabulous "Revolver."
"Inappropriate" was not a good word to use. I meant "does not fit" with the rest of the release. Another one for me is Michelle Shocked, "Black Widow", on her Short Sharp Shocked release. DELETE!
Hodu - good call! Hated that song since the first time I heard it. Once clear advantage of CD vs. LP, at least we can burn a copy without that clinker.
for some reason, i never liked "going mobile" on the otherwise perfect "who's next". the sappy "thorn tree in the garden" doesn't fit on "layla" and depending on my mood "after hours" tarnishes the first velvet underground album. the classic example might be the horrific "mind gardens" off the byrds "younger than yesterday", which was derided by everyone except david crosby.
Agree,Hodu. Having grown up in that era, I think they would make some crappy song to see if it would become a hit just because they are the Beatles.
Have to add my voice to the chorus naming songs that reduce enjoyment of Beatles albums. In my case, it's "Octopus' Garden" and "Maxwell Silver Hammer" from "Abbey Road."
One of the nice things about vinyl playback is that you effectively had to listen to songs you liked less than others on an album. Over time I noticed that my opinion changed about many of those songs. The two Tony Williams vocals on "Turn It Over" are a case in point. They never became my favorites, but they did become listenable and even enjoyable. "Psalm" on Roxy Music's "Stranded" is a good example for me.
I agree Onhwy61. So many times the "popular" song(s) on an album are no where near the best songs on the album.
"Sexy Boy", from Air's otherwise outstanding "Moon Safari" CD, is one of the worst songs I've ever heard. I will never understand why it was released as a single, much less why it was included on the album.
'Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road' Talk about MINDLESS!
"Lady Writer" on Dire Strait's Communique album is kind of an ill-fit.
"Are you ready Eddy?" from the Tarkus release by Emerson, Lake, And Palmer.
A couple that the songs are actually OK but don't seem to fit the flow of the album for me are:
"Money" off Dark Side of the Moon
"Money For Nothing" off Brothers In Arms
"Within You Without You" is my favorite song from Sgt Pepper! (Also I think it fits just fine.)
Out-of-place songs to me are "Blues for Allah" on the Dead's, well, "Blues for Allah" album, "The Lemon Song" on Led Zeppelin II, "My Wife" from Who's Next, and "Fitter Happier" from Radiohead's OK Computer.
These are the tracks I always skip. And scratch my head and wonder how these great bands could've allowed such terrible songs to tarnish their reputations.
"My Wife", Who's Next - great call! An otherwise perfect rock album IMO.
"Immigrant Song" on Led Zep III. Not a bad song - just doesn't fit the rest of the album (IMO).
So easy being critical.
The handful of songs that you may consider duds from an otherwise accomplished artist/bands catalog only serve to make the majority of the catalog that much more enjoyable.
No one has managed to fill a catalog with only polished gems. That includes the Dead, which I'll add had a few other odd creations in addition to Blues for Allah.

Albums are not always cohesive stories or epic narratives.
Revolution 9 on The Beatles' "white album" [he says, flinching, waiting to get head taken off)].

It's the longest track the Beatles ever released and a total distraction from an otherwise perfect album.

Thanks Yoko. ;)
Fujindemon, while I agree with your post, you totally missed the subject of the thread.!
I have to admit I like Revolution 9, in small doses, with several years between attempts!
I also have to agree with "Immigrant Song"; it doesn't really fit on Led Zeppelin III.
BTW, I love these bands, Fujindemon. That doesn't mean I think they're perfect. Except for the Beatles. From Rubber Soul onward anyway.
I think Radiohead and Coldplay may have nothing but "polished gems."
Oh, how about "Southbound Suarez" from In Through the Out Door? That song sucks and, as such, shouldn't have been included on the album.
Radiohead is the real deal.

Coldplay well, they just plain suck.
"Thank You" from Led Zeppelin II. Disliked it the first time I heard it, and it gets worse and worse every time I hear it. For some strange reason, a local radio station has been playing it frequently.

And it just doesn't fit with the rest of the album IMO.

I'm sure people love the song, I just can't see why.
Thank you, Kbarkamian, for your fine observation on "Thank You," for which I have never felt particularly thankful, either.