Terres TT why a mystery

I have read a lot about the Terres TT on audiogon.
When i talk to local high end dealers they have never
heard of it.One dealer had heard of the table his reaction
was that it was a joke.If this table is so good,then why
has nobody in the industry heard of it.
My experience is that most dealers and salespeople are VERY lazy and are only familiar with the gear that they carry. They may know a little bit about specific products that are covered in Stereophile, TAS, etc... but that's about it. Very few dealers keep up to date, visit audio websites like Agon, AA, etc... to see what the latest tweak, product or cable is. While i can understand the "carpenter's roof leaks / shoemakers kids go barefoot" syndrome, audio gear IS their livelihood and you would think that they would at least want to stay on top of things to a reasonable extent. As mentioned though, my experience shows that this is typically NOT the case.

As such, why would anyone BUT a dedicated "vinylphile" know about the Teres ? While it was mentioned here and there in the press and on the net, only an avid analogue enthusiast would pay attention to something like that. Unless a dealer is into vinyl in a BIG way or has a lot of inquiries about a specific product, chances are, they'll never even know that it existed. There are TONS of small companies with good products that never make it into the mainstream. That does not make them "bad", it only means that one might have to worry about parts availability, service and possible resale value sometime down the road. If the company ends up going out of business, you could really end up with something that is both "rare" and a "boat-anchor" at the same time. Sean
I own the 245 model and would not trade it for any other.The table is that good.I would not worry about what others think(ie dealers). How did you find out about Teres?
Ask yourself that question.
I agree with Sean's points above. This is a low production specialty product that has only been going for a few years. It doesn't use dealer networks, so it can keep the price down. It is factory-only, primarily via internet.

While it hasn't gotten many magazine riviews, It did get one earlier this year in Listener Magazine, that was fantastic. And all of the owner's reviews are glowing also.

I own a Teres Model 245, and I am very happy with it. I wouldn't trade it for the top of the line from any other TT maker, except maybe Walker or Rockport. I am very serious about my TT performance, and use only vinyl in my system, nothing else. This TT really gets it.

As far as your dealer goes, the "joke" is on him. A Teres TT will blow anything he's got right off the shelf. He can't sell one, because it's factory direct, so he makes disparaging remarks. This is a typical sales ploy, and he probably doesn't even know what a Teres is. Likely a shoe salesman, that got into audio(no slur to any shoe salesmen out there). But you don't have to know much about audio to put some stuff on your shelves and sell it to the general public. Good dealers know what they are talking about.

If you search Audiogon archives, AA archives, and maybe some other sites, you will read owner reports of this TT, and I have never read anything bad about this TT. I listen to one every day, and I have only accolades to report about it.

So it's not really a "mystery". It's only a great TT, that is factory-direct and reasonably priced, that alot of other TT makers and their dealers wish would go away.

If you want the very best sound for your money, and you can't spend $30k, the Teres is your table, my friend.
I would like to add that the original Teres Project was designed and engineered in the public domain, on the internet, by some of the best DIY analog enthusiasts in the world. An international effort to produce the best TT available at any price. All of the design information is publicly available. Anything that may happen to this TT can be repaired by any competent technician, with the information available on the web. Or you could do it yourself. The platter, bearing, base, and arm board will last virtually forever. The only potential problems would come from the motor assembly. The motor is available directly from the Swiss manufacturer. The controller info is on the web.

Teres looks like it is only getting more and more popular, and has a good outlook. It is a greater likelihood that this TT may cause other TT makers to go out of business, than the other way around. This is a company on its way up. I'd say get in early before the prices go up.
I am an owner of the model 255. It costs abot $2400. I beleive that it was offered by a major manufacturer who had to pay for ads, and was distibuted through a dealer, it would sell for 8-10 grand. If you look at the tables in this price range, you will see that they are not nearly as high quality as the teres 255. If you see a 255 in person, yu will see that it is of extremely high quality and way overbuilt. Also, Chris, the owner of teres, is very nice, helpful, and accessible.
How do i get in communication with terres?
I agree with Sean most dealers are only informed about the products they sell and sometimes the are not versed in product knowledge in the audio industry.This is a story that happened to me,living up by Seattle I on occation go to certain dealers in Seattle (which are limited)went into one that has been around many many years.I told him I was thinking of upgradeing form a rega p-25 (he is a rega dealer) to a VPI TNT he tried to convince this would be a downgrade yes a DOWNGRAGE, I walked out shaking my head. Got home researched VPI for several weeks,reading posts on audiogon posting posts on audiogon reading some more. Bought the TNT what a upgrade yes upgrade, Were I am going with this (like Sean said) is some dealers are lazy and illinformed, listen to the pros the guys that are using them and when there not there thinking about them. PS maybe I should have bought a Teres TT. David
You guys are being to nice to the dealers. The bottom line is the bottom line for them. These are the same guys who have been telling me for the last 20 years Cd's are the answer. These are the guys who told us transistors are the answer etc. etc. They might as well sell us the lastest fad diet. When is the last time you heard a system at a audio store you could even live with for more than a day. I do have a dealer in phoenix, who only carries tube gear, where I heard the big Quads, with Quad amps, which was quite nice. On the subject, Teres or Redpoint, which are similar, are great products without the middle men. Designed and modified by guys who love audio. My feeling is if you get a Teres or a Redpoint your biggest problem will be which cart, arm, and phono section will float your boat.