Im still new to this site, i see some terminology that im wondering about.

1) Pre-pro. Is this a Pre-amp? Pre-Processor? Difference?
2) Redbook Ive seen this mentioned many times. what is it?
3) IMO. What does this acronym stand for?
4) Mendula Oblongada. Isnt that fun to say?
2) means Standard "Redbook" 16/44.1 CD software.
3) means In My Opinion.
Pre-Pro is: Pre amp with digital processor. Did you mean: Medulla oblongada: Lower portion of the brainstem?
Why yes SoGood51, I did in fact mean Medulla oblongada: Lower portion of the brainstem?

Its just a fun thing to say. it just rolls out.
Unfortunateliey ime not the best spellur

I learned something new today, therefore today is not a waste! :)
There is some history behind the term Redbook. When Phillips and Sony developed the CD format, they published the technical requirements in a book so that other manufacturers could create hardware and software that were compatable with the standard. This book happened to be red in color, so the term Redbook came to mean standard cd format. I believe a player or disk must meet these specification to be able to display the CD or Compact Disk logo and trademark name.
AudioPh, theoretically, the difference between the sonics of a pre-amp and pre-processor should be little if any.

The reality is that some to many to most pre-pros must do more than the average 2-channel pre-amp and therefore, perhaps to stay within a certain price range, make compromises in built quality, sonics, etc..

There is the rare occassion where a pre-pro will match the sonics of some of the better $3k to $6k pre-amps.

The Primare P30 happens to be one of them. It's a minimalist pre-pro with a music first approach that offers 100% TRUE analog processing when in by-pass mode.

Many make this 100% analog processing claim but still convert the signal to digital at some point and then back to analog.

To add a little icing to your now unwasted day; Lincoln is the capital city for the state of Nebraska.

Isn't Mendula Oblongada the guy sending me all those e-mails about frozen Nigerian assets? Otherwise the rest of the answers were given to you!
If it's not already clear, a pre/pro has a home theater use a stereo-only preamp lacks.
Medulla Oblongada makes alligators onery, not their sharp teeth as one might have you believe.

Name that crappy movie;)
Medulla Oblongata is the lower part of the brain stem. Its main function is to connect brain and spinal cord, so be careful with it.

Resident Psyc nerd,
Actually the Medulla Oblongata controls many of the bodies automated processes as well as translates nerve messages from the spinal cord to the brain.

Resident Biology/computer geek.

My Medulla Oblongata must be wasted and/or fried! I thought the discussion was about "Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida"...someone pass the bong this a' way, please!
I know how you feel, every day I come to this site, there's some word or acronym used that I don't know. I've been able to find the meanings of most of them through searches of past threads, that can sometimes take hours. Maybe Audiogon can create an audiophile dictionary? Or has one alredy be done here or somewhere else?