Terminating Type 4 cable...

Newbie here...I have AudioQuest Type 4 cable, and AudioQuest BFA Banana plugs (the set screw kind). Inside the speaker cable, there are 4 wires...which ones do I connect? How do I get the best connection? Do I need to wrap the wires? Thanks!
I believe there are two red and two black wires inside this cable. Combine the two red to the (+) positive terminal. Combine the two black wires to the (-) negitive terminal. If your speakers have binding posts I suggest you attach them directly, bare wire. If they are the "spring-loaded" variety, then you might consider using Radio Shack gold-plated connectors made specifically for this type of terminal.(Twist the wire together. Crimp. Then solder.) "Do I need to wrap the wires???" If you mean should you twist them together, Yes, IMO. If you mean should you use shrink wrap, IMO not really necessary. If your thinking of using the AQ banana plugs (set screw), I would removal aproximately 3/4 inch of insulation from the wires. Twist together the two wires. Bend in half forming a "U" shape. Solder together using "silver bearing" from RS. Insert wire inside plugs and set screw down on the horizontally positioned wire. Your best connection is determined by your type of terminal. IMO, bare wire sounds the best if you have binding posts. Otherwise if the terminals are the "spring-loaded" variety, refer to above. You have a really easy wire to work with being it is solid core. These are my opinions. Proceed @ your own risk. Use caution. Double check everything. Make sure equipment is turned "off" when connecting interconnects and spk. wires. Good Luck.
The speaker cable has two black wires, a white, and a clear. I'm assuming I'll need one black wire and one other for each banana plug...right? Also, these AudioQuest BFA Banana connectors are the "set screw" type. I must be blind, because i see no screw!! BTW, I'm connecting Bohlender Grabener Acculine speakers (actually may bi-wire). Thanks for your help!
The AQ Type 4 cable which I recently bought from One Call com. had two reds/black wires. Since the wires are of different guage (20/17?) and are difficult to distinquish (at least to me),I would give AQ a call and ask them how to terminate.