Terminating speaker wire?

Any tips on terminatig speaker wire? I have DH Labs T-14 and I'm going to put locking banana plugs on. Is it basically a straightforward process?

This wire is silver-coated oxygen-free copper conductor. I would be cautious about preserving the silver coating from unwanted damage during your termination process. Were you thinking about soldering the plugs on? or rather using a screw clamp? Where would you make the transition from silver surface to copper or brass? Sorry to ask so many questions without answering yours.
Yes, it's very straight forward. The silver coating is going to take a lot more than a soldier iron to remove so that's should not be a concern.
Speaking to a friend that designs/builds speakers he says bare wire is it. Strip back the insulation twist it and use it, and they use JenaLab wiring which ain't exactly cheap.
After 6 mo. cut an half inch off and do it again.