Terminating Cables

Hey guys, anyone know of a high quality place that terminates raw speaker cable for a professional look and quality sound? I am so unsure of just ramming the cable in the holes and hoping for a good connection and good sound.
I'm not sure what you're unsure about. Bare speaker wire (ends) is best. Plenty of threads and posts on this forum advocating for one way or the other though.

If you're unsure about "just ramming the cable in the holes and hoping for a good connection and good sound", shouldn't you feel that way even more so about the workmanship and overall end result (sound) if you did have the ends terminated?
I strongly agree that bare wire sounds best if possible. Some amps however, do not have binding posts that make it easy to use bare wire, especially if you are running a bi-wire setup. 
The majority of terminations out there are brass with gold, silver or rhodium plating, all of which tend to degrade or change the sound quality and tone from that of the bare wire. A good quality real copper termination is hard to find, especially a banana. The only ones I found that I really like are sold by Douglas Connections. Don't fall for the fake "copper" connectors from China you may find on E-Bay. The Douglas "Furez" line of spades and bananas sound great, are not overpriced (around $60 for 8 ends), and best of all they have a version that you do NOT have to permanently crimp or solder to the wire, which allows you to re-use the terminations on any wire you choose, or switch between banana or spade for different amps and speakers! Here is a link: http://www.douglasconnection.com/Furez-TSTSB50NP-Bare-Copper-Banana-Plug-Connectors-Pair-FZTSTSB50NP...
I don't know which speaker cables you are using and that might be a helpful bit of information to provide ;-)

While I do agree that bare speaker wire is a very good way to go I also want to suggest a DIY remedy that is very easy and sounds very good, to my surprise. Check out these two threads and feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


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@mancub1 - the KLE Innovations Banana plugs Lak refers to should be soldered. I use WBT 4% silver solder.

They are not really designed to be crimped. But in this case it would appear that the solder does not really impact the improvement in sound quality too much.

They are precision engineered to fit "snugly" as opposed to tightly into the binding post, but they will maximize the contact area of the plug and minimize, maybe even eliminate, the possibility of micro arcing.

Give them a try - I was surprised at just how good they are also - and I’ve been using KLE products for over 4 years. - I should have known :-)

Regards - Steve
I like the look of the Furez copper spades and am considering trying them. The hard part, though, is taking a pair of cutters to my $3000 audience speaker cables.

Using the copper Furez, would there still be an advantage/benefit to using deoxit both at the wire/spade and spade/amp and speaker binding post connections?
@jaybe - I have tried the silver plated Furez Bananas and they are very good - the spades should be just as good.

The are detailed and provide good image and dynamics

If you can solder, you could try these cables

They are pretty easy to make and cost around $300 with the KLE Innovations bananas.

They use a helix geometry which all but eliminates any noise and provides fast dynamics, bass extension and control, outstanding clarity and superb 3D imaging.

Then you could sell your $3000 cables and be $$$ in pocket.

Just a thought ;-)

The Furez products are very good quality

As far as Deoxit - I've never used it
- I use silver plated/coated connectors - If I want to "clean them" I simply re-seat them in the binding post

Regards - Steve
I like solid core for most things but do use a stranded Canare Star Quad  cable for my subs, requiring simply sticking the bare wire into a set of Audioquest "consumer friendly" (!) spades and tightening the screws so all the little strands are happily together. Or they seem to be anyway, and the same goes with solid core strands…I make sure they're clean (contact cleaner) and keep 'em in a nice straight group and simply tighten the screws on the bunch of bare wire…I like Neutrik plugs, and use those with the REL subs and pro audio stuff…and am a big fan of shrink wrap on things for a more finished look.
As far as solid copper speaker wire ends, Cardas makes them, too.  As far as re-terminating Audience cables, based on email correspondence with the owner, I wouldn't recommend it.  As I understand it, they are not a typical termination.  You can send them back to Audience and they will do it correctly, assuming that the new ends you want to use are appropriate. 
unterminated works best.
Thanks guys,this gives me a lot of insight. I am trying to use a solid core tri-wire cable,converted to single channel on amp end{ 3 into 1 conector} and bi-wire on speaker end which will be two conductors for bass and 1 for treble.thats why I want the best signal transfer.