Terminating AQ Bedrock cables

Have any of you done your own terminations on Audioquest Bedrock speaker cables? For my application I want to do a single wire termination, but it looks like each leg of the cable has a different aggregate wire size. Are my eyes deceiving me? Can I just bundle-up each set of four conductors per leg and apply the terminator of my choice?
I have, several times. If you looked at AQ's site, you'd see that these flat, double-quad cables have 4-different-size conductors in them, in 2 bundles. The 'bass' bundle contains 16 and 19g. pairs, while the 'treble' bundle contains 18- and 21g. pairs. (Gibraltar contains all Perfect Surface Copper+, while the other 3 cables contain combinations of long-grain copper, Perfect Surface Copper, and PSC+.)

If you were biwiring, you'd keep those bundles separate. Since you're single wiring, combine all the blacks for common and all the reds for positive.
Exactly right. With newer versions of AQ cable the individual strands are commonly labled as treble and bass with black strands marked likewise to facilitate biwiring. If you don't intend to biwire then simply divide and terminate. If you intend to solder the wires to terminal be sure and crimp first to ensure a good physical connection. Very simple process.
Thanks to both Jeffreybehr and Timrhu.