Teres update

I've got 15 or 20 pictures up on my site now. If you like boring pictures of wood layout, jointing, planing, milling facing, gluing, etc... they are there.

I'm going to try and update every day I do work on it. I will reply to this thread to bring it back to the top as I update.

As always, I welcome comments, suggestion. discusson, whatever.

Check it out Here at Joe's Teres Project Pages
okay...fine. I am game. But what is all the other...stuff...warnings, etc. that came with the link?
You should give us all a pop up blocker. ;) I do like the ebony. That should prove interesting. If the plinth isn't cut yet I have a recommendation for you.

What's your recommendation? Sorry about the freewebspace popups. I am CONSIDERABLY better at wood than the web! I am trying to fix the site this AM.

I was just ribbing you about the pop ups. The recommendation is to have two bolts for the armboard. Both bolt threads should be in the armboard, one for pivot, one for true locking. The plinth shape would need to change at this area and the plinth would need an arched slot to accomodate the pivot. It's way to easy to bump the armboard with the one bolt doing dual purpose. This design change would also allow you to place a cone more directly under the arm tube center which would assist any vibration on its way to earth.

Thanks for the tip. It is easily acommodated at this stage. I know the popups are a pain in the ass. One of these days I'll upgrade my account! I am getting ready to post todays pics. I got a lot of work done, so there are not too many. I am trying to make the site easier to look at too.

Take a look!

Patrick is right about it being easy to bump the armboard out of postion. I replaced my stock armboard bolt with a longer one to get more thread length in the armboard, but it can still happen. When it does you've got to realign your cartridge, a real pain. Go with his idea or something like it if you can.

I'm sorry if I've confused you. I should have said that the slot would be for the lock down bolt.


I knew what you meant,and it is a good idea. I'm getting ready to get started today and I'll see what I think will work best. I'll let ya know.

No pics today, but made a lot of progress again. Now the holdup is the complete unavailability of #9 shot!! There is a gun show here this weekend, so I should have some tomorrow. I'll put up some pics this PM.
Check out todays update. Everything is about ready to go together and be finished. The veneer is really nice. Just waiting to get the shot to put it together.
Well, just wanted to let you all know that my Teres project is not dead in the water. It has been a most annoying holiday season here. Friends, relatives, it seems everyone has been a pain in my ass for the holidays! Thanks to the vinyl God that it's finally over. Now I can get back to work on my turntable.

Aside from the issues metioned above, I am still waiting on delivery of my 25# bag of #9 lead shot. Hopefully it will show before the end of the week. Hard to believe that in Eastern North Carolina NO ONE carries #9 shot. Crap, the whole state shuts down for hunting season, you would think this is the easy part. As soon as it does I am probably looking at 3 days to get the plinth done. I have finished the base, and will try to get some pictures of it up soon. I used shellac, and it is gorgeous, the grain really looks good.

For finishing the plinth I think I'm going to use Deft. It is a clear lacquer and very hard. A pain to work with, but at this point, who cares! One thing about it is that I'll never have to worry about yellowing. And, they way the grain looks on a test piece is amazing.

It is nice to see some other Teres owners/builders comments and ideas. As I said in my reply to Ykk's post, I would especially like to thank Tom, Doug, Chris, and all of the others for all of their advice and help. It just would not have been possible without the three of you and all of the others keeping me headed in the right direction.

I would also like to thanks Peter Q. at Audio Note. Now that my entire system is AN products (except the unfinshed Teres, of course), his help with my sometimes stupid questions has come in very handy, indeed. One of these days I will get my systems updated here with some pictures.

OT, I have a question for those in the know. What do all feel is the "best" tonearm/cartridge combo for a Teres? I'm not even done yet and am already getting upgrade fever. Oh will this madness ever end....
Hi Joe. It looks like a nice piece of work.
I'm sure it will turn out well.

About arms and carts, I like the OL arms with Shelter cartridges on the Teres.
Hi Joe thanks for the great pictures and the laugh (the holidays! Thanks to the vinyl God that it's finally over. Now I can get back to work on my turntable.) hehe.

Fun to watch your progress.

I remain,

Just wondering about arms again. I alredy have the modded Rega, but I was looking at an Ikeda it407 12", and it just LOOKS COOL. I guess I better get the damn thing finished before I worry about it.

Hi Joe, it407 is a nice arm. I would prefer non-removable headshell, since typical removeable headshells like that one generally make colorations at 1kHz or thereabouts. It is like a FR66 which was very good in it's time. I think some new arms may be better now for the price. I'd look real hard at an OL Illustrious for that kind of money($2k). It is an awesome match for a Shelter cartridge.

Tri-Planers and Schroeders are also popular on Teres tables. OL or Expressimo modded Rega 250 arms are by far the most common arms seen on Teres tables, due to cost and good sound for low bucks. I use the OL Silver with the HiFi mod, and that is quite popular on the Teres. I have sold about 25 HiFi mods so far for OL Silver arms, and everyone is very happy with them. Not a single complaint from anyone. It makes the Silver about on par with the Encounter.
Lead shot came today. Also ordered K&K step-up. Hope to get some work done on it tomorrow. Been kinda busy catching up at the shop today!
Oops, spoke too soon. Forgot abouy CES. Gues I can wait till Kevin gets back.
I guess I spoke too soon again. I caught Kevin yesterday before he left, ordered the mc stepup, and got it today. Is that customer service or what!!!! I'm going to build it in about 10 minutes. Also got the two base halves glued up today, and prepped it for the lead shot. I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow of my progress.

Also had a new interesting idea for a Corian (STaron actually, 'cause that's what I use. But, nobody knows the name & Corian is kind of the universal name for solid surface material) base that I may start on in two weeks. Gotta get this one done first.
Pics of yesterday's work is here:

Pic Page

Remember freewebspace is a PITA, so expect a couple of popups.

OK just a quick update. I need to drill the sensor hole, then veneer the plinth. I loaded the arm board with shot today. Looks real good with cocobolo plugs in ebony! I also shaved it a little thinner, just to be on the safe side. Every fit together nicely. I left the plinth about 5/16 bigger than the plans all the way around. I decided to put a couple of ebony dot inlays under the sensor ring on the plinth. Now you have to look for the sensor. Hoping to get final sanding done tomorrow. I took a couple of pics but left my camera at the shop. I'll try and get them up tomorrow.

Getting there. I was going to have a vinyl party on Sunday. Then today I decided to re-do the venner. Just wasn't quite there, IMHO. I came up with a better design. So, a couple of more days. Everything else looks spectacular. Arm board, done. Sub base, done.

Anyone close to Eastern North CArolina is welcome to come on over for the unveiling. Should be next weekend, 23-25 Jan.
OK. I am going to post a few pictures here in a few minutes. Here's where I'm at. The base is done. The armboard is done. The plinth is all veneered, and just needs the final scraping and sanding before the finish is put on. I went with amber shellac on everything. Then, after I steel wooled it out, I rubbed it down with parrafin oil with a little bit of pumice in it. I hope the pics will show the depth of finish on the arm board and base.

I'm starting to get real exited. Everything should be set up this week, and I'm going to have a bring your favorte album party next Saturday. Y'all 're invited!
Here is a link to the photo page directly. I am in the process of redoing the index page:

New Pictures

And for those who are really observant, I know the VTA collar is not sittting flush. I forgot to clean the crap out of the hole before I put it in for pictures (sounds like a bad porno movie).
Hi all, I had bad html that I just fixed. You should be able to see the pics now.


Almost there......

Getting Close!

Le me know what you think.


Beautiful job, Joe! How does it sound?
Joe, that looks fabulous. I'm sure Twl will approve your taste in spikes! Is that an armboard position locking knob I see on top? Or?
I'll let all know how it sounds on Sunday.
Very nice job. You should be proud.
Yep, I locked it on top. For the moment, I just used a 60 yr old square nut. But, I made that nice little teardrop shaped knob out of ebony, with the MOP inlay.

P.S. I got the spikes her, but not from TWL. I did get the coupling discs from him though. After setting this up on my rack, I realized my rack is s&*t. I think Sistrum may be next.