Teres owners and vinyl junkies . . . .

i'm very strongly considering the replacement of my lp12 ekos/arkiv/lingo/etc. . . with a teres 255. (depending on whether mine sells or not) my question is this. i plan on keeping my linn arkiv. i want to mount the teres with either an SME V or an OL illustrious (or encounter). would the arkiv be a good match for either of these arms, or should i try to sell my cart also and try to procure a lyra helikon s/l?

i would really appreciate all of your segguestions.

and by segguestions, i mean suggestions. need coffee. that, or to start proofreading these damn things . . .
Lazarus, either of those arms would work fine with the Arkiv. I personally think that the OL Illustrious would be a better choice, but the SME V is an excellent arm. You couldn't go wrong either way. I think the OL Illustrious would be a more musical arm, and less analytical, while still retaining the bass response and detail of the SME. Same goes for the Encounter arm, but not quite as good as the Illustrious. The SME has a very nice VTA adjustment, that is easier to use than the OL, but I think the sound will be better with either of the OL choices.
TWL - Have you heard the new OL arms??
I haven't heard the Illustrious, but if it is anything like the Encounter or Silver, (and it is) then it is a killer arm. I have the Silver, and it beats out arms that cost over $3k. The Illustrious has all the design features that make up a great arm, and if I could afford it, I'd jump on one in a N.Y. second. Plus, I think it looks super cool too.

I just know that's a great arm. It's one of those gut feelings from years of experience.