Teres is Done

OK boys & girls, here it is! Read the text at the top of the page.

And no, I won't tell what I did that was so f@#%$g stupid.

Now all I need to do is reroute the wires & ground it.

Thanks to all of you for you support & help.


Yippee!! I don't know how to spell John Dean's primal yell, but that's what I'd say if I could! I've followed your odyssey from the sidelines... quite a venture!

As for "And no, I won't tell what I did that was so f@#%$g stupid," you damn well better! How will we ever believe that you are a mere mortal if you don't spill the beans?!
Okay, I'll get it out of the way... Who's John Dean?

Tremendous job, Joe. Very impressive work.
If anyone guesses what I did wrong, I'll tell. But believe me, it was so stupid, no one will EVER guess!
WOW! I am speechless-- Uh Uh WOW!!!!!!
Ahh, ahh, ahh...I read the other thread Joe. Nyah, nyah, nyah!

But kidding aside, good job!

BTW, Mr. Wilson. I'm Dean.
Thanks so much for the pics. What a gorgeous thing. Very warm congratulations.
whoa, the dog just ran for cover! well, i'll never win in iowa either, but i'm going to go put an LP on MY teres. congrats!
I think the yell associated with John Dean came from Nixon (or maybe Haldeman and Erlichman). On the other hand, Howard Dean's may have been as equally desparate.
I love it! I am a 2 bit woodworker and some day I will make some speakers. Looks one hell of a lot better than my Scout!

Am I the only one who cannot access the link?
If it sounds as good as it looks you got it made.
(I'm sure it does)

Congrats Joe!
I remain,
What - no wooden platter? JUST KIDDING! (And what's with the knife in the foreground? Better not let 'ol Howard get ahold of that...there's no telling what sort of tragic faux pas he might commit ;^)

Actually, I do have a serious question. As the practically-lifetime owner of an 'integrated' turntable design, could someone please bring me up to speed on what the necessity of using an outboard 'junction box' is?
Junction box? Do you mean the step up transformer?
Does the error have to do with the height of the spindle on the outboard motor? Did it not initially line up with the plane of the platter?
Nope. I knew it wouldn't line up 'cause I made the plinth over an inch thicker than spec.

Good guess!
It doesn't look like the step-up, but I could be wrong. I'm talking about the interface between the tonearm leadout cables and the interconnnects going to the tranny or phonoamp. I believe this is usually referred to as a junction box, but I don't know why it's needed. Is it typically nothing except wired-together jacks inside a box?
That's the step up. It's a K&K Audio passive tranny. Works great. It allows the use of a low output MC cartridge like my Denon 103r with the built in phono stage (MM) of my Audio Note Soro SE Phono.

Why would you want an interrupion of signal that has no purpose? If you just needed to extend them, you could use a good set of male to female rca's. Tonearm to tranny to preamp, shortest path possible with my cartridge/tranny/preamp setup.

Hope this clears it up!

I *am* pretty certain about the *existence* of junction boxes, but am not disappointed to learn you do without one in your system. Maybe someone will come along to straighten me out on this, because my reaction to the concept of a junction box - unless I'm just way off base on the whole thing - is exactly the same as yours.