Teres installation questions

I know there are no stupid questions, just people not smart enough to ask them. Still, I have a feeling I'm not going to be feeling too intelligent by the end of this tread.

I purchased a used Teres 265 from a member of this forum (a fine experience.) Unfortunately, it took a while to get the "mint" Moerch DP-6 in shape, which I purchased over ebay at the same time (an awful experience.) But now everything is ready, so it is time to install.

Unfortunately, the placing of the spindle into the bearing housing is giving me some problems. I thought I had done exactly as directed, but...

The thrust plate was in place already, and Chris told me it did not have to be reseated. So after, placing the ball bearing in the bottom of the spindle, using a few of drops of oil as directed, and dripping oil into the bearing housing, up to the lower journal (and a touch more) as directed, I placed the spindle into the housing. This is where I think I have a problem.

The directions said that the tolerances were very tight, but the spindle fits in so tightly that it leaves no room for the air or oil to escape and leave room for the spindle. While I expected the spindle to sink into the oil leaving about 3/4" that would diminish as the platter weight forced the spindle down, the distance is about an inch and a half. It does not feel spongy or pop-up, but rather feels like a vacuum seal. I can't imagine it budging in either direction, out or in.

What did I do wrong? How do I proceed?
How long have you waited for the spindle to sink? I remember waiting about 24 hours, impatiently!
Just a suggestion.

After you put the required oil (about 4ml) referenced to the lower journal, make sure that no oil drips to the side of the bearing housing (walls) before inserting a totally clean, oil-free spindle. During the "insertion" process, do it in a way that you are pushing down the spindle on a downward spiral motion. By doing this, inserting the spindle initially without trapping air becomes easier. The distance between the bottom plate of the spindle (circular plate) and the lip of the bearing housing assembly should be about 1 inch in my experienced. It is a must that before doing the whole process, the level of the housing (vertical)is optimum.

If the sidewalls have oil, and if the spindle is not thouroughly clean, then you will get the situation that you described.
According to the instructions you are to full the oil to the lower journal (as you did) and if the sides are clean then insert the spindle and let it seat itself, it will take from 4 to 8 hours in most cases and even longer in others but DO NOT spin or push down on the platter (the instructions state this) just let it do it by itself. If you have any more problems then I would suggest contacting Chris Brady again he is very helpful.


What I posted is for the initial insertion of the spindle ONLY!

I assume that that's what we're talking about. Of course this is without the platter yet! That will come after what I described above.

Just want to clarify!!!!