Teres Illius Tonearm

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge regarding the Teres Illius tonearm?
Chris Brady started offering this arm in 2009, but I've yet to see a review or blog that mentions it.
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I'd be interested to know, too. I love my Teres table (basically a cocobolo 245 w/ a Verus motor). There used to be a lot of buzz about their products, but that seemed to cool off after they discontinued the 2xx and 3xx series to focus on the higher-end market.
I received an email from a fellow who installed an Illius on his Teres Certus 450. He had previously been using a Tri-planar arm on this table. He indicated that the Illius was more natural and lively with more information being passed through vs. the Tri-planar arm. He also mentioned that the Illius has a couple of physical design quirks such as no finger lift and some difficulty with initial setting of the counterweight. I can't tell for sure, but from the pictures on the Teres website, it looks like the Illius also lacks a locking rest for the arm. This could make cartridge mounting a bit tricky.