Teres Composite Platter, etc.

Has anyone upgraded to the Teres composite platter? Also, anyone with the Verus motor try o-rings made of different materials?
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I upgraded my Teres 255 (w/ Acrylic platter) to a Rosewood 320 with Composite platter. This was a large improvement for me.

It's impossible to say how much of a difference the upgraded table made vs. the upgraded Composite platter since I never listened to one without the other. Needless to say, I'm very happy with the sound I'm getting from the combination.

I'm still using the Reference Motor, however, and probably won't be changing to the Verus. I'm planning on trying the holographic mylar belt metal removal tweak (courtesy of Doug and Paul) but just haven't gotten around it it yet.

I met Chris B at RMAF, where he was demoing the 260 table with the composite platter. It sounded great, although hard to isolate it from the rest of the audio chain. If I understood correctly though, he did tell me that he was not making any more of the platters and all the ones he has already have bases, so there doesn't seem to be an upgrade path available. I have the 255 myself and was similarly curious.

I believe you mis-heard, probably due to all that annoying music that kept interupting conversations at RMAF.

What Teres has stopped making are acrylic, acrylic/lead and wood platters, except (perhaps) for the 4xx series Certus models.

The composite platter is not only still available, it's the ONLY platter that's still available, at least for the 2xx and 3xx series belt/rim drive tables.

IOW, I believe you could upgrade if you wished. CB could confirm of course.
I have the Teres 340 w/ wooden platter. Going to the Verus motor was a huge improvement. I would not be able to listen w/o the Verus Motor anymore.
Chris, does this mean that Chris B is still offering the 300 series base?
When in doubt, give Chris B a call. You never know what he has in stock. There's always a chance one remaining new item, a demo, a return for upgrade, etc.
With great reluctance we decided to not produce any more 200 or 300 series turntables. We have a few model 260 and 265 turntables in stock, but no platters of any kind that we can sell separately.

We do get trade-ins from time to time, but it's rather unlikely that we will get a platter that is not already paired with a base.

Will Galibier platters fit on a Teres table / bearing?
Chris, if you are dropping the 200 series tables, does that mean you will only be producing the Certus tables? Or has the west process proven to be too complex / expensive for moderate priced tables? Will there be a composite base instead?
We'd be interested in hearing the story if you wouldn't mind sharing, Chris.
The primary reason for dropping the 200 series turntables is simplification. Being a small operation we need to limit our offerings. Keeping up with Verus, Certus and 200 series orders was pushing us to the limit. When we decided to pursue development of a Teres tonearm something had to go. We decided that discontinuing the 200 series tables made the most business sense.

So moving forward the only turntables we will be producing will be Certus.

Best of luck!!! I loved the 200 series products. I'm glad I got mine when I could (even if it only has the solid-acrylic platter).

Has anyone tried a Boston Audio Design 3mm graphite mat on a solid acrylic platter? Could it be a worthwhile $200 tweak?