Teres Certus Tables

Is anyone lucky enough to own the new Certus tt yet? If so could you share your experience, especially if you upgraded from a Teres 320/340 table. I am considering trading in my Teres 320 and get one of these tt. Thanks.
I have mine almost setup, new speakers coming so I don't have anything to listen to it and set it up. If I get too anxious, I'll drive my 450 up to Brooks Berdan and have him set it up. It's a beast though..
It's been over a year, anybody have any experiences to share?
Is there another thread on this machine that I'm missing?

I had a chance to audition several of Chris' set-ups including the Certus 460 back in June before Chris moved. Let us just say that I was so impressed that I have a Certus 450 in preparation right now (after discussion I decided on the 450 rather than the 460). The table far exceeded the Teres Verus 260 and 265.

When I visited Chris I had the opportunity to listen to the tables with the Schroder Reference and a Protype of the Teres Tonearm that Chris has announced and is pictured on the Teres website. I am getting a beta test version of the Teres Tonearm that Chris is still working on.

I am also waiting for a Soundsmith Strain Gauge (Chris had recommended it) as the Caridge/Phono Preamp (model on order is the 410) which I hope is completed by years end. Soundsmith only makes about 20 Strain Gauges a year and I am # 4 on the list.

So the turntable should be done or about done shortly. Chris had all of the parts when we last spoke. Now it is just a waiting game for both the Tonearm and the Strain Gauge.

Once everything is finished and prepared, I will have Chris come out to Pennsylvania to install the Certus 450 table, Teres tonearm, and the Strain Gauge cartridge and phono preamp.