teres battery option with gyrodec SE


Do you think it would be easy to modify this to work with the DC gyrodec motor? All I know about the gyrodec motor is that it's 24VDC. Do I need to know anything else?

If so it would be a massive improvement in the power supply, right?

And very cheap!

The Teres DC motor is 12vdc. Also, I believe that the Teres battery option has been discontinued, due to too much complexity in manufacturing.
It will not work with a 24v motor, anyway.

If you want to do a similar thing with your Gyro SE DC motor system, you can get 2 12v batteries, connect them together in series, and get 24vdc. You can then out-source a 24vdc charging system to charge the batteries when you aren't using them. This will give you what you want. Just don't keep the charger on when you are playing, because chargers are notorious for putting noise on the line.

I just checked the Teres site, are you sure the battery option is gone? If so, I will be kicking myself for not getting one. I was going to do it a month ago, but keep forgetting due to other projects. I guess I'll check next week to see if I can still get it.

I'll keep all informed.
The Teres battery option may or may not work with a Gyrodec. If the motor is rated at 24v but runs at a lower voltage then it may work. The Teres motor is rated at 36v but runs at less than 6v during operation. To determine suitablility the motor voltage and current need to be measured while operating at 33/45 rpm.

The Teres battery option has not been discontinued.
Chris, thanks for straightening me out on that one.