Teres audio DIY turntable

Hi folks,I recently became aware of the Teres audio availability of components geared towards the DIY .Specifically they offer the bearing the platter and motor with controller and housing.Anybody here bought their parts and put them together to construct a turntable? Any positive experience?Is it worth it? Or should the money be spend on a different turntable.The bearing+platter is $1425 and the motor/contoller $1690.They also offer a clamp for $90.I understand that the plinth will need to be outsourced (maybe thick maple or aluminum plate,acrylic),I don't see one available in their website.Any thoughts on this from the ones that tried it or experienced analog users will be appreciated.My other table is an Oracle Delphi mk2 with Rega RB 1000,but it is not used at the moment.
there are lots of sites devoted to personal teres builds, including the ones on their site which are numerous. I personally haven't heard one, but have seen the motor which is top notch. The teres TT as well as the 'cousin' company Redpoint both make highly regarded tables, so i suppose you be in a good start.
At diyaudio.com (which as far as i know is where the teres/redpoint started) i know that there is also a group buy of a platter/bearing going on, but i am not sure where it's at (Nanook was the one running it)
Hello Mantisory,

Just to set the record straight, here's a flow chart of the lineage which began with Teres and subsequently spawned Redpoint and Galibier:


I don't even know if diyaudio.com was around at that time.

In late January of 2000 after we (the original "Teres 6") froze the bearing and platter design, I rounded up about 35 of the participants for the first build from a place called the "Joe List" - a listserv sponsored by Joe Roberts of Sound Practices.

It was from this list that Manfred Huber came and donated his controller design to the project - a design I lovingly refer to as the "Hubermatic" and one which Chris licensed for the commercial Teres venture.

Peter and I went in a different with controllers when we formed Redpoint in the Spring of 2001.

It seems so long ago ...

Thom @ Galibier
Mantisory thanks for the info and I already started reading the posts at diyaudio.com and they are great.

Thom,thanks for the inside information,it is much appreciated,can you offer your opinion on the Teres components? I definetely seen your name before and I was well aware about your association with the analog.

Any other people can chime in with their opinion?
Hi George,

Teres makes good stuff.

Throughout my association with Chris, we've differed on minor philosophical issues and approached the bulls eye from places 180 degrees apart ... all the while, converging on the same bulls eye.

Thom @ Galibier
Hey Thom,
Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the details, only vaguely.