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I've been trying to get in touch with Teres Audio for the past four weeks. No response by either email or by phone. Does anyone know what's going on with them? I'm trying to buy the Verus II Motor.
I am pretty sure they went out of business a few years ago!
Well, he responded to my first email in early June, and then nothing. The website is still operating. I find it surprising that Teres would be out of business.
I tried contacting Teres as well quite a while back, no response.
Something to consider when purchasing(I'm not saying they are out of business, just suggesting that longevity is one area to consider.).
I think that it's safe to say that Teres is no longer actively soliciting new business; perhaps the best term would be "winding down". If you are patient there is a reasonable chance that you will get a reply.
I was completely ignored right after purchasing a belt drive motor from them back in 2007.
He's still around and doing work. The problem has been his email account. He didn't get several of my emails and I didn't get one of his. If you need to contact Chris, call him on the phone instead. He's looking into his email problems and was surprised to hear about them.

Yes,Teres is still around.

I have a brand new Verus  motor and controller that I recieved a few weeks ago

I started the process mid October 2015,recieved the unit end of December.

This is going head to head with a 24k silent drive on a TTW Gem V2 with copper platter and copperhead record clamp.

As I write this the Verus is doing spin duties

I,ll keep you posted :)

Do not discount Teres Audio

Be prepared for a wait as Chris is a low production vendor

anything good is allways worth a little patience :)

I'm hoping they will at least still offer support for old customers like myself.
I bought a Teres 155 (15) years ago and have had ZERO issues with it. But I'd like to think if I ever need a new bearing or motor Chris would still be there for me.
Chris Brady, great guy. If you can reach him, he will try to help you.
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The audio industry is full of "great guys" who are not necessarily running long term viable businesses. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy from them or support them. Some of them are selling the best "bleeding edge" products of the day and rely upon those of us who are committed to audio advancement to buy their products. But there is a cost to the this and you need to factor in the fact that warrantee or future support may be worthless. You need to realize when you buy you are not buying Sony with a whole customer support infrastructure.