Teres 265

Thanks to all of you here and at Audio Asylum for your reveiws of your Teres turntables. Because of them I took the leap of faith and purchased a model 265. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and, while the components are still not fully broken in, it is wonderful. On the advice of my favorite audio dealer, Brooks Berdan, I am using a Graham arm and Lyra Helikon cartridge with it. Electronics are Audio Research, amp is Theta Dreadnaught with four modules that I use in bi-amp configuration with Vandersteen 3A Sig. speakers.
I know many of you would like a complete and more importantly, a honest reveiw of its upsides and downsides. Unfortunately I am not the one to do that. I punch a clock for a living and am not very good at writing but, I love music and this turntable is the best source component that I have ever had. The two most noticable improvements to music that the Teres has made is the soundstage is more rounded and 3D, if that makes sense to anybody. And the bass is more defined, and at every level there is more detail. How much is the table, the arm, or the cartridge I have no idea since they are all new to me. Together they are more than I hoped for. Plus, the wood is very pretty. I am so glad I stumbled upon the teres threads.
Congratulations. You have a very nice setup. Enjoy it. It is as good as you will likely ever need.
Welcome to the world of Teres turntables, I have a Teres 255/ET2/Shelter 901 and it has been by far the best purchase I have made. The 265 is suppose to be just awesome! now you can enjoy the music.


Congratulations. I've had my 265 for about ten days so I know just how you feel. You're right about the extraordinary soundstage, bass and detail retrieval. One other thing that impresses us is how much blacker/quieter backgrounds are. Those solid, 3D instruments and voices just jump out of nowhere. Because we're still tweaking, only one friend has been over to hear ours so far. He left shaking his head in amazement.

Enjoy the music!