Teres 255 Turntable belts impossible to find!

Just bought a Teres 255 turntable and of course the mylar 41.5" belt breaks the moment after I got it tuned up. Have been trying to source some in in the classifieds for about a week without success. Please send your friends to the ad if they have any extras they can sell me.  
Why not just make one?  Fairly simple.
Give this place a call. It looks like they will make a belt.
Did you contact Chris at Teres? Cheers,
There are a number of helpful posts on this forum about making mylar belts that are perfect for your Teres. A simple search for "mylar belts" will get you started.

Some of the posts will even talk about improvements you can make to the belt by using etching cream to remove the coating on the mylar.

Once you get the hang of it, it's very easy to make as many belts as you'll ever need. I've made 10's of them for all the Teres and Galibiers I've owned over the years.
I've had Origin Live make me a belt and it was nicely done.
Hopefully, someone with bunch of left-over mylar and a splicing block can help you out. Us Teres owners need to stick together. I've been using the Verus motor for years, so no belt making supplies in my stash, or I'd offer to help.