Teo Macero...RIP...

Just read that he passed away on Tuesday. Think I'll bust out In A Silent Way in his honor.
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"Time Out" was a gift, I listened to a cut off it last week with my son. It's one of the most influential Jazz albums of all time, and don't forget "Kind of Blue" .

Teo was blessed to live during such a great time in American Jazz. His 80 + years brought him a reputation which he richly deserves.
One of the truly great guys in the music business. He will be dearly missed. I met him several times, always a pure gentleman. Music was not only a living for him, but his great passion. Not many of us get to put livelihood and passion on the same plate. Many times I thought he would have worked for the passion of music with money a distant second. Many in the business today could take a page or two out of his book and apply to todays music business. he was unique and a one of a kind.
The few recordings I have that were produced by him are top notch. Can folks list your favorite recordings that he worked on here?
The obit reminded me how much TM's creative post-production tape splicing & looping techniques shaped the sound of Bitches Brew & other Miles albums of the period. It appears TM and MD were at times cojoined like George Martin & the Beatles. Apparently TM never liked the idea of posthumous release of unedited session tapes(e.g. Mosaic), which he regarded as raw material for the far more highly produced original releases.
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