Tenting home for termites

Just found out I will be needing to tent and fumigate my house for termites...... Darn!
Are there any concerns regarding my electronics, speakers (esp the drivers), or sensitive items like turntable cartridges??
From my reading on line so far, it seems that the gas disspates totally without a residue, but I wouldn't want to take any chances if there is any real risk. Have any of you gone thru this before??
find out what they are using and whether it is a neurotoxin

understand that a pesticide applicator does NOT have a PhD in Epidemiology and that chronic effects can occur even when acute effects are absent

worry about the stereo last

personally, I'd get my family and the stereo incl. speakers OUT and then take a month long vacation before returning
I've had my house tented for termites a couple of times. No problem with my rig.
I wouldn’t do anything like covering speakers, wrapped electronics, etc. you don’t want to take any chance one of those little critters is protected by precautionary measures. Kill ’em ! Kill 'em dead!
Have you considered Cedarcide
I don't know of any insect that can survive their spraying and fogging. Originally they had a contract with the D.O.D. to kill desert fleas and spiders for our troops overseas and it's something like 99% cedar oil.
I don't know of 
It's natural and organic but smells like you've just taken a bath in cedar oil. No worries though as it can't hurt you or your family or pets (best thing for fleas: you'll see them jump off your pets). 

You can fog it directly on dishes, clothing closets, bedding, etc.

Good luck and hope this helps,
Do they use a gas - or is it some kind of vapor/mist/fog (i.e. wet)

If the latter - I'd get my system out of the house - especially my speakers - they have paper cones.

Thankfully - termites don't survive the winters up here in Canada!

Here in Arizona, termites rule...but homeowners get the last laugh.  I've seen many homes get treated for the critters by the executioner drilling into and installing spikes around the home...no home here is tented, yet the job gets done.
Wow this is the weirdest thread ever really off the wall.Good luck bug man!!
try to install surveillance cameras to watch them die slowly in suffer and than post it on youtube. you will get lots of likes.
Yeah, and that camera just might catch the meth lab in action, if placed stealthily enough.......
This thread has a decidedly disturbing tilt! Have a Florida home which was tented, and no ill equipment effects I could ascertain.
be sure to get all vegetation away from your home too

a Google search on 'termite pesticide' will be instructive
Fumigation using a tent is necessary for dry-wood termites, which are primarily a problem in warmer climates. I believe most pest control companies have stopped using methyl bromide, and are now using sulfuryl fluoride. The methyl bromide (or bromomethane) could cause deterioration of certain types of rubber.
If your pest control company uses sulfuryl fluoride, you should be OK.
Thanks for ALL the comments, weird or not  :)
Apparently they use a gas which totally dissipates. No residue or interaction with rubber, foam, etc.... My main concern was the delicate rubber suspension in my turntable cartridge. I may bag the TT rig anyway. Can't hurt.... Unless I screw it up and break something. 
They do use Vikane ( Sulfuryl Floride).

that is a neurotoxin - here is a short summary


I'd bag everything, then get the kids & family out and take that vacation

BTW, who said it totally dissipates?  And what are the breakdown products?

IMSAO you should let the termites eat about an eighth inch of wood in yoyr speakers before treatment. Try to spread the holes out evenly. Subterrianian termites do not sound as good, unless you use my special Rosewood volume control knob.

Here is a good question: has anyone tested to see if termites improve sound? Or a gelatinous paste made of their excrement rubbed on interconnects. The properties of wood bases as damping devices is ubiquitous. Hence it is likely that since they eat wood, their excrement should damp unwanted vibrations.😏